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Last updated: 04/14/2017 - 12:24pm

Tree Removal Hearing - East Boston

The hearing will be held by the City of Boston’s Tree Warden (or designee) in the 3rd floor Conference Room of the Boston Parks and Recreation Department at 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, Roxbury.
Public testimony begins at 10:15am

Discussion Topics

  1. Request to remove nine public shade trees at 10 Clipper Ship Lane in East Boston.

    The request is for the removal of two Bradford pears measuring 11” and 5” dbh (diameter at breast height); five sycamore maples measuring 15”, 12”, 11”, and 10” dbh; one Norway maple measuring 6” dbh; and one crabapple measuring 5” dbh due to installation of a 48” storm outfall from Sumner Street to Clipper Ship Lane as part of the Clippership Wharf project in East Boston.

    Public testimony will be taken at the hearing, or may be provided prior to the hearing in writing to the Tree Warden, Boston Parks and Recreation Department, 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, 3rd floor, Boston, MA 02118 or by emailing with “East Boston Tree Hearing” in the subject line. 

    A final decision regarding the request will be made within two weeks of the hearing. For further information, please contact the Tree Warden at 617-635-7275.