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Last updated: 05/25/2017 - 10:54am

South End Landmark District Commission Hearing

The Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Tuesday, June 6, 2017.

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit at City Hall after 5:30 p.m.)

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics


    17.1255 SE                 375 Columbus Avenue

    Applicant: Dawn Carmo - Manager

    Proposed Work: Install fence along front and side gardens.


    17.860 SE                   22 Concord Square

    Applicant: Brad Richards – General Contractor

    Proposed Work: Install 2 HVAC units on roof (continuation).


    17.1264 SE                 15 Dartmouth Place

    Applicant: Gerry DiPierro – General Contractor

    Proposed Work: Construction of roof deck.


    17.1188 SE                 477-481 Harrison Avenue

    Applicant: John Holland - Manager

    Proposed Work: Construct a new residential 6th floor penthouse on top of an existing 5-story building.


    17.1231 SE                 688 Massachusetts Avenue

    Applicant: Maritza Melendez – Management Agent

    Proposed Work: Install hand rails at front stoop.



    17.1181 SE                 516 Shawmut Avenue                                  

    Applicant: Ric Woznak - Owner

    Proposed Work: Construct roof deck with iron railing.


    17.1269 SE                 544 Tremont Street                                      

    Applicant: Stephen J. Morrison, DMD - Owner

    Proposed Work: Install blade sign.


    17.1247 SE                 596 Tremont Street                                      

    Applicant: Eric Parkes - Architect

    Proposed Work: Construct new roof deck.


    17.1272 SE                 808 Tremont Street                                      

    Applicant: Kate Gilbert – Public Arts Organization

    Proposed Work: Create temporary mural on south facing façade.


    17.1268 SE                 193 West Brookline Street                           

    Applicant: Dartagnan Brown - Architect

    Proposed Work: Install new roof deck; repair slate roof; repoint brick; paint brownstone; replace all existing windows with 2/2 wood windows; repair and repaint metal garden rail.


    17.1274 SE                 236-238 West Canton Street                        

    Applicant: David McGrath - Contractor

    Proposed Work: Replace existing stucco wall and repaint in kind.

    17.1249 SE                 85 West Newton Street

                                        Applicant: Vanessa Caldero-Rosado – CEO, Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion

    Proposed Work: Full repointing of the building; new windows and louvers, new doors; repair to existing stone steps, new signage; new exterior lighting; two one-story additons on either side of the tabernacle


    17.1237 SE           20 Appleton Street: Replace 4 bowed 2/2 wood windows in kind. Replace 1 2/2 wood window in kind.

    17.927 SE             104 Appleton Street: Replace two 1/1 wood windows with two 2/2 wood windows.

    17.1242 SE           7 Bradford Street: Repair masonry and dormer, replace gutter, shingle rood and rubber dormer roof. All work in kind.

    17.1254 SE           26 Chandler Street: Repoint, replace spalled bricks and repair sills and lintels in kind.

    17.1273 SE           533-535 Columbus Avenue: Repair mortar on front elevation; cut and point mortar joints on side front and side elevations, replace deteriorated wood trim on the dormers, at the oriel, and at the cornice, paint metal fire escapes, repair flat copper roofs and painted copper bay window. All work done in kind.

    17.1255 SE           375 Columbus Avenue: Install fence along front and side gardens.

    17.1255 SE           375 Columbus Avenue: Install fence along front and side gardens.

    17.1210 SE           41 Dwight Street: Construct a roof deck.

    17.1175 SE           72 East Brookline Street: Rebuild canopy roof; install new light fixtures; repair door; repair front windows; install storm windows; repair dormer; strip cornice; install copper gutter; install insulation; rebuild brickwork; remove cracked masonry; repair and repaint sills and lintels; repair and repoint stoop; rebuild brick arches; patch facade cracks; reconnect downspout; repair fire balconies.

    17.1251 SE           101 East Brookline Street: Replace EPDM roof, copper gutter, and drip edge in kind.

    17.1211 SE           19 Holyoke Street: Remove 3 casement windows and wood trim at mansard dormer. Install 3 2/2 double hung windows and appropriate wood trim. (emergency repair).

    17.1271 SE           491-495 Massachusetts Avenue: Repair soffit and fascia, wood trim and replace downspout in kind.

    17.1209 SE           536 Massachusetts Avenue: Replace 2 front facing 1/1 vinyl windows with 2/2 aluminum clad windows, replace 2 front facing narrow 1/1 vinyl windows with 1/1 aluminum clad windows. Replace 2 rear facing 1/1 vinyl windows with 2/2 aluminum clad windows.

    17.1265 SE           565 Massachusetts Avenue: Install roof access hatch and build new roof deck.

    17.1252 SE           683 Massachusetts Avenue: Rebuild deteriorated front masonry columns and wooden door hood in kind.

    17.1215 SE           12 Lawrence Street: Replace scalloped slate and copper snow belt on mansard in kind.

    17.1216 SE           12.5 Lawrence Street: Replace scalloped slate and copper snow belt on mansard in kind.

    17.1191 SE           73 Montgomery Street: Replace 10 2/2 aluminum windows with 10 2/2 aluminum clad windows.

    17.1245 SE           141 Pembroke Street: Replace 1 2/2 wood window in kind.

    17.1056 SE           57 Rutland Square: Replace mansard slate in kind, front gutter in kind, and 2 vinyl windows with 2 2/2 wood windows.

    17.1262 SE           2 Saint Charles Street: Paint front stoop and sills and lintels an appropriate color. (Resolution of VIO.SE.114)

    17.1236 SE           505 Shawmut Avenue: Replace 3 1/1 aluminum windows with 2/2 aluminum clad windows.

    17.1259 SE           532 Tremont Street: Restore dormer and eave in kind, install new in kind gutter, repoint.

    17.1267 SE           613 Tremont Street: Replace 2/2 windows with 2/2 wood windows, replace windows on rear top floor in kind,  replace wood railing on roof deck with simple iron rail system.

    17.1118 SE           15 Union Park: Replace rubber roof and curved copper gutter in kind (emergency repair).

    17.1180 SE           188 West Canton Street: Replace 7 1/1 aluminum windows with 7 2/2 aluminum clad windows.

    17.1193 SE           197 West Canton Street: Replace casement windows at mansard with wood double hung windows.

    17.1241 SE           207 West Canton Street: Repoint façade, paint and repair windows in kind.

    17.1275 SE           238 West Canton Street: Remove 6 2/2 aluminum windows; replace with 6 2/2 aluminum clad windows.

    17.1187 SE           123 West Newton Street: Restore dormer and woodwork; replace slate on mansard roof; replace cornice roof with standing seamed copper; install all new copper flashing and gutters; paint wood and masonry. All work in kind.

    17.1222 SE           128 West Newton Street: Replace copper gutter, repair soffit, lintels, and sills in kind.

    17.1218 SE           165 West Newton Street: Repair cornice in kind and replace copper gutter in kind.

    17.1227 SE           99-101 West Springfield Street: Replace mansard roof fascia in kind and reclad mansard in simulated slate (emergency repair).

    17.1240 SE           202 West Springfield Street: Replace 3 2/2 wood windows in kind and 2 1/1 windows in kind.

    17.1238 SE           34 Worcester Square: Replace 2 1/1 aluminum windows with 2/2 clad windows.

    17.1234 SE           34 Worcester Square: Replace 4 1/1 aluminum windows with 2/2 clad windows. Replace 2 1/1 aluminum windows with 1/1 clad windows.

    17.1235 SE           34 Worcester Square: Replace 3 1/1 aluminum windows with 2/2 clad windows.

    17.1253 SE           71 Worcester Street: Rebuild front steps and sidewalls in kind.