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Back Bay Architectural Commission

The Back Bay Architectural Commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

(Use Congress Street as an entrance and exit after 5:30 p.m.)

Public testimony begins at

Discussion Topics

  1. Violations Committee - 4:30pm

    341 Commonwealth Avenue: Unapproved painting of front entry door.

    293-295 Commonwealth Avenue: Unapproved roof deck replacement status report.

    238 Marlborough Street: Unapproved construction of rooftop head house.

    545 Boylston Street: Completed patio work inconsistent with Back Bay Architectural Commission’s October 13, 2016 approval.

    Ratification of 4/12/2017 & 6/14/2017 Meeting Minutes

  2. Design Review Hearing - 5:00pm

    17.1464 BB 671-673 and 755 Boylston Street: Boylston Marker Project – Installation of two granite ‘markers’ at the site of the two marathon bombing locations: Site ‘A’ is in front of 671-673 Boylston Street and Site ‘B’ is in front of 755 Boylston Street. APPLICATION WITHDRAWN

    17.1339 BB 28 Newbury Street: At front façade clean masonry and repair deteriorated brick; remove existing window awnings and install new awnings at second, third and fourth stories; repaint second, third and fourth story window frames and sash a brass/bronze color; replace first story entry doors and windows; remove existing lettering above entry door and install sign; replace wall plaques; and repaint metal railings at second story windows a brass/bronze color. At rear elevation clean and re-point existing brick; repaint window sash and trim to match existing; replace lighting fixtures with motion sensing fixtures; install security cameras; replace existing doors and hardware; and install groundwater re-charge system below parking area by replacing brick paving, fence, ramp and stair in-kind. At roof: re-route ductwork and add new condenser and exhaust vents.

    17.1473 BB 314 Newbury Street: At front façade redesign stairway to lower level to create a new patio; install new windows and entry door in existing front masonry openings; and construct a two-story rear addition with deck and brick chimney.

    17.1478 BB 109 Beacon Street: Rebuild roof deck removed for roof replacement.

    17.1471 BB 349 Commonwealth Avenue: Construct penthouse addition.

    17.1458 BB 170 Beacon Street: Replacement of HVAC systems with new mechanical units and exhaust fans at the main roof and second floor rear terrace roof; replace existing exterior light fixtures, intercom and security camera; new exterior signage at front entry gate for accessibility compliance; repair and refinish front entry doors; at roof install replacement steel stairs with platform for compliant access to existing elevator penthouse; repair failing metal flashings; replace fourth story rear door in-kind; remove exposed electrical conduits at rear elevation; repair limestone façade, balustrade and front steps; and replace non-historic wood windows in-kind.

    17.1433 BB 35 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade repair deteriorated sandstone with a cementitious stucco tinted to match the color of the existing sandstone; replace rear mansard roof with slate and install new copper gutter and downspout; paint dormer wood trim black; at rear elevation re-point masonry with a mortar matching the color, texture and tooling of the existing mortar; replace eighteen windows at the front façade, and thirteen windows at the rear elevation in-kind; at roof construct penthouse addition, roof deck and elevator override; at rear elevation remove fire escapes, convert three window openings into door openings, install French doors, balconies and porch, install light fixtures, and combine existing window and door opening to create a garage entry; lower window sills at front dormer windows; and install new iron fence at front garden, new landscaping, entrance paving, and lighting.

    17.1364 BB 382 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation install air-conditioning condenser at grade level.

    17.1470 BB 273 Commonwealth Avenue: At rear elevation install air-conditioning condenser at grade level.

    17.1474 BB 300 Berkeley Street/53 Marlborough Street: Reconfigure Berkeley Street entrance to incorporate a concealed wheelchair lift and a security gate.

  3. Administrative Review/Approval

    17.1422 BB 100 Beacon Street: Replace seventeen non-historic one-over-one double-hung wood ninth and tenth story windows in-kind.

    17.1438 BB 223 Beacon Street: Replace decking at roof deck.

    17.1462 BB 246 Beacon Street: At rear elevation replace five aluminum one-over-one windows with wood one-over-one windows, and replace one aluminum single-light fixed window with a wood single-light fixed window.

    17.1479 BB 274 Beacon Street: At rear elevation change function of seventh story French door system to four operable panels.

    17.1427 BB 655 Boylston Street: At front façade replace signage above first story storefront.

    17.1392 BB 163 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade repair sandstone entry steps with a cementitious stucco tinted to match the color of the existing stone.

    17.1399 BB 284 Commonwealth Avenue: Install awnings at first story east side windows and ground level and first story windows at front (north) façade; and  install new signage at main entry door.

    17.1475 BB 325 Commonwealth Avenue: Install two new HVAC condenser units at roof.

    17.1449 BB 390 Commonwealth Avenue: At front façade repair deteriorated stonework with a cementitious stucco tinted to match the color of the existing stonework; repaint all window trim black; and replace all window sealant in-kind.

    17.1352 BB 13-15 Gloucester Street: At front façade repair stone steps and lower trim with a cementitious stucco tinted to match the color of the stone.   

    17.1260 BB 13-15 Gloucester Street: Select replacement of roof underlayment in leak locations and re-installation of existing roof assembly.     

    17.1459 BB 30 Marlborough Street: At front façade replace two first story wood one-over-one arched windows, and two second story wood one-over-one windows in-kind; and at rear elevation replace three first story and three second story wood one-over-one windows in-kind.

    17.1465 BB 37 Marlborough Street: At rear elevation install new copper gutter and downspout.

    17.1466 BB 39 Marlborough Street: At front façade and rear elevation install new copper gutters and downspouts.

    17.1469 BB 189 Marlborough Street: At rear elevation repair existing bricks with mortar, reconfigure patio area and repair damaged brick pavers.

    17.1384 BB 220 Marlborough Street: At first story replace fifteen aluminum storm windows with Harvey Tru Channel black storm windows.

    17.1423 BB 246 Marlborough Street: At front façade re-point masonry using a mortar that matches the color, texture and tooling of the existing mortar; and repair window lintels with a cementitious stucco tinted to match the color of the existing stone.

    17.1442 BB 77 Newbury Street: At front façade’s first story storefront, convert center glass panel into a new accessible entrance.

    17.1472 BB 166 Newbury Street: At front façade install new black metal handrails to lower retail space.

    17.1488 BB 239 Newbury Street: At front façade replace deteriorated roof slate, copper gutters, wood trim and copper flashing in-kind; repaint wood wood trim to match existing color; repoint masonry with a Type N mortar; and repoint rear chimney.

    17.1425 BB 349 Newbury Street: At front façade install new blade sign and wall sign above storefront.


  4. Ratification of 6/14/2017 Public Hearing Minutes
  5. Staff Updates
  6. Projected Adjournment 8:00pm