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Last updated: 02/08/2018 - 9:26am

Zoning Board of Appeal Hearing

The board will hold a hearing on February 13, 2018 at 9:30 a.m.

The Boston Zoning Code has information on the Articles and definitions of terms in this agenda.

The public can offer testimony.

Discussion Topics


    January 9, 2018 & 55 Hull Street

  2. EXTENSION: 9:30a.m.

    Case: BOA-511897, Address: 175 St. Botolph Street  , Ward 4  Applicant: Bhavesh Shah


    Case: BZC-29846, Address: 1954 Commonwealth Avenue , Ward 21  Applicant: Yu Investment Trust


    Case: BOA-538974, Address: 61 Health Street  , Ward 10  Applicant: Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation (by Matt Henzy)


    Case: BOA-551991, Address: 46 Holborn Street , Ward 12  Applicant: The Community Builders Inc


    Case: BOA-551989, Address: 295-305 Blue Hill Avenue , Ward 12  Applicant: The Community Builders Inc


    Case: BOA-374080, Address: 48 West Tremlett Street , Ward 17  Applicant: Thomas Rovero


    Case: BOA-374078, Address: 50 West Tremlett Street , Ward  17 Applicant: Thomas Rovero


    Case: BOA-534886, Address: 13-19 Congress Street , Ward Applicant: PO SQ13-19 Congress St LLC


    Case: BOA-395960, Address: 22 Brookford Street , Ward 13  Applicant: Derric Small, Esq


    Case: BOA-395962, Address: 24 Brookford Street , Ward 13  Applicant: Derric Small, Esq


    Case: BOA-451574, Address: 332 Talbot Avenue , Ward 17  Applicant: Derric Small, Esq


  3. GCOD: 9:30a.m.

    Case: BOA-788210, Address: 102 Saint Botolph Street , Ward Applicant: Marc LaCasse

    Article(s): 32(32-4)

    Purpose: Confirm occupancy as one-family and change occupancy to two-family. Full interior renovation.

  4. HEARINGS: 9:30 a.m.

    Case: BOA-694026, Address: 77-85 Liverpool , Ward Applicant: Flying Cloud Realty Trust

    Article(s): 53(53-8) 53(53-9) 53(53-56) 25(25-5)

    Purpose: Erect 22 unit residential with two office spaces on newly created 8,000 s.f. lot. See ALT685891 to combine lots.


    Case: BOA-777068, Address: 245 Sumner Street , Ward Applicant: Velkor 245 Nominee Trust

    Article(s): 53(53-8)

    Purpose: Change of occupancy from commercial or restaurant to professional office. Please see the original permit ERT272894 was issued by LS.


    Case: BOA-785893, Address: 58-60 Salem Street , Ward Applicant: Mohamed Omar, TS

    Article(s): 54(54-12)

    Purpose: Change occupancy from stores and 1 apartment to restaurant with take-out (The Juicery) and 1 apartment. Work to include minor electrical and plumbing work, ceiling and floor. No seats and no cooking. ZBA. *Takeout Restaurant.


    Case: BOA-735866, Address: 383 Commonwealth Avenue , Ward  5 Applicant: The Church Realty Trust

    Article(s): 15(15-1) 2(2-2-1)

    Purpose: Change occupancy from a 5 unit building to a 6 unit building. Build out the new unit in the basement as per plan. Building code review has been deferred at this time.


    Case: BOA-782804 Address: 163 O Street , Ward  6 Applicant: Michael Bosworth

    Article(s): 68(68-29)

    Purpose: Roof Deck replacement.





    Case: BOA-784511, Address: 20 West Fifth Street , Ward Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

    Article(s): 13(13-4) 14(14-14-2) 15(15-1) 16(16-1) 17(17-1) 18(18-1) 20(20-1) 8(8-7) 16(16-1) 24(24-1) 19(19-1) 80(80-80B-2)

    Purpose: Construct six story fifty four unit residential building. Existing building to be demolished under separate permit.


    Case: BOA-784527, Address: 11 Springer Street , Ward Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

    Article(s): 27S(27S-5) 68(68-8) 68(68-33) 68(68-29)

    Purpose: Combine lot 11 with parcel #0701921000 of 1074 sf to lot 13 with parcel #0701922000 of 1095 sf to create one lot of 2169 sf. Add three story addition with two car garage parking and roof deck to existing three story building.


    Case: BOA-661026, Address: 236-256 Dorchester Street , Ward Applicant: George Morancy

    Article(s): 13(13-4) 14(14-14-2) 15(15-1) 17(17-1) 18(18-1) 19(19-1) 20(20-1) 24(24-1)

    Purpose: Raze existing structure on parcel to erect a new 24 unit, 5 story mixed-use development with below grade parking and commercial ground floor.

  5. HEARINGS: 10:30 a.m.

    Case: BOA-788662, Address: 587 Albany Street  , Ward Applicant: Fred Starikov

    Article(s): 64(64-16) 32(32-4) 64(64-10) 64(64-36)

    Purpose: Demolish existing structure and erect a six story building with 6 residential units.


    Case: BOA-789308, Address: 7-17 Melnea Cass Bl , Ward Applicant: Patrick Johnson

    Article(s): 50(50-32)

    Purpose: Renovation of space being leaded by BMC for the Family Medicine Primary Care Facility at the Crosstown Center Building first floor. Change occupancy to add clinic.


    Case: BOA-741372, Address: 174 Fisher Avenue  , Ward  10 Applicant: David O'sullivan

    Article(s): 59(59-7)

    Purpose: Demolish existing single family, erect new 2 unit townhouse of 3 stories and basement.


    Case: BOA-784713, Address: 20B-20C Hawthorne Street , Ward  11 Applicant: Anthony Dilietizia

    Article(s): 50(50-44.13)

    Purpose: Combine existing parcel #11-00203-000 (17,164 s.q.f.t.) subdivide this combined lot of 25,469 s.q.f.t. into 2 new lots. This new lot A to have 21,317 sq. ft and erect a new semi-attached two (2) family dwelling (under article 50-44-13). Dwelling to be fully sprinklered as per attached plans. This will be 1 of 2 dwellings on the same lot.


    Case: BOA-786649, Address: 35 Cushing Avenue , Ward 13  Applicant: Peter Gammie

    Article(s): 9(9-1) 65(65-41)

    Purpose: New 10’ wide curb and previous driveway for two compact electric car parking spaces.


    Case: BOA-726332, Address: 4-6 Auckland Street , Ward  13 Applicant: Kim Dung Nguyen

    Article(s): 10(10-1) 66(66-9)

    Purpose: Curb cut to access parking for 2 parking spaces for residential parking.


    Case: BOA-782692, Address: 2-6 Hancock Street , Ward 13  Applicant: Ana Cardona

    Article(s): 65(65-8)

    Purpose: Change occupancy from stores and restaurants to Pink Hair and Nail Salon


    Case: BOA-779371, Address: 191-195 Bowdoin Street , Ward 15  Applicant: DB Housing, Inc

    Article(s): 65(65-15) 65(65-16) 65(65-41)

    Purpose: Construct new 41 apartment building with ground floor retail. To be known as 191-195 Bowdoin St.


    Case: BOA786209-, Address: 395-409 Columbia Road , Ward  15 Applicant: Conservatory Lab Charter School Foundation, Inc

    Article(s): 66(66-8) 66(66-9) 65(65-9) 65(65-41)

    Purpose: Demolition of existing Chapman Waterproofing structures and new construction of a 43,000 sf+/- Charter school with the associated site work and improvements.


    Case: BOA-784513, Address: 1 Elm Street  , Ward 16  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

    Article(s): 65(65-8) 65(65-42.13) 65(65-9)

    Purpose: Erect a new 6 unit residential building as per plans. 1 of 2 buildings to be erected on same lot with shared driveway see ERT. Also see ALT701594 for combining lots.


    Case: BOA-784528, Address: 3 Elm Street  , Ward 16  Applicant: Patrick Mahoney

    Article(s): 65(65-8) 65(65-42.13) 65(65-9)

    Purpose: Erect a new 6 unit residential building as per plans. 1 of 2 buildings to be erected on same lot see ERT701594. Also see ALT701594 to combine the 2 lots.


    Case: BOA-779503, Address: 1156-1160 Washington Street , Ward 17  Applicant: Michael Smith

    Article(s): 65(65-21)

    Purpose: Change occupancy from 3 units, sub shop and real estate office to 3 units, sub shop and barber shop.


    Case: BOA-770599, Address: 85 Maryknoll Street , Ward 17  Applicant: Vernon Woodworth

    Article(s): 60(60-9)

    Purpose: Proposed renovations and addition to existing single-family building, requiring zoning relief. Nominal fee requested pending ZBA hearing.



    Case: BOA-768065, Address: 5 Belmore Terrace  , Ward  19 Applicant: Christopher Rotti

    Article(s): 55(55-9)

    Purpose: Partially remove exterior walls to enlarge kitchen. Construct deck.


    Case: BOA-773296, Address: 41 Aldworth Street , Ward 19  Applicant: Daniel K. Moon & Oliver Delaporte

    Article(s): 55(55-9)

    Purpose: Renovation of existing 3rd floor addition 2 dormers, build new stair case from second to third floor, replace door to existing deck with a larger door, update electrical and forced hot water heater baseboards to radiators. As per plans form next phase studios.


    Case: BOA-685524, Address: 48 Green Stteet , Ward  19 Applicant: David Finn

    Article(s): 55(55-9) 55(55-40)

    Purpose: Add 5 parking spaces behind 48-50 Green St Jamaica Plain #48 2 spaces, #50 3 spaces see U4949594502 for #50 Green access from Green St current driveway.


    Case: BOA-685526, Address:50 Green Street , Ward 19  Applicant: David Finn

    Article(s): 55(55-9) 55(55-40)

    Purpose: Provide off street parking spaces for tenants behind 48 and 50 Green St Jamaica Plain (#48 2 spaces #50 3 spaces) see U49432595 for #48 Green.


    Case: BOA-672940, Address: 63 Sedgwick Street , Ward 19  Applicant: Lolastar LLC

    Article(s): 55(55-9) 55(55-8) 55(55-38) 55(55-55-40)

    Purpose: This project is seeking to combine lots and the occupancy of the 3 family at #63 with the 3 family occupancy at #65 to total 6 units and then to erect a rear addition and to add dormers and fully renovate the existing structure. Building to be fully sprinklered. *NDOD Overlay.


    Case: BOA-779361, Address: 43 Royal Street , Ward 22  Applicant: Richard Rogers

    Article(s): 51(51-8) 51(51-56) 51(51-9)

    Purpose: Change occupancy from two-family to three-family dwelling (leagalize existing third unit on 3rd floor). No work to be done.


    Case: BOA#779362, Address: 43 Royal Street , Ward  22  Applicant: Richard Rogers

    Purpose: Change occupancy from two-family dwelling (Legalize existing third unit on 3rd floor). No work to be done. 8th 780CMR 903 MA Automatic Sprinkler Systems Automatic sprinkler systems in new buildings and structures shall be provided in locations described in table 903.2. 8th 780CMR IEBC 912.2 Fire Protection Systems Where a change in occupancy classification occurs that requires an automatic fire sprinkler system to be provided based on the new occupancy in accordance with Chapter 9 of the International Building Code, such system shall be provided throughout the area where the change of occupancy occurs.


    Case: BOA-749878, Address: 76 Easton Street , Ward  22 Applicant: T-Mobile Northeast, LLC

    Article(s): 9(9-2) 51(51-8)

    Purpose: Change of Occupancy to include Wireless Telecommunications Facility. All work will be done pursuant to the plans provided herein. The applicant proposes to construct a new Wireless Telecommunications Facility on the roof of the existing building.


    Case: BOA-780279, Address:  132-134 Holton Street, Ward 22  Applicant: Marc LaCasse

    Article(s): 51(51-9) 51(51-56)

    Purpose: Change occupancy from a 2 family to a 3 family.


    Case: BOA-794741, Address: 88-94 Lincoln Street , Ward 22  Applicant: Derric Small

    Article(s): 11(11-7) 51(51-55)

    Purpose: Erect a monopole and 14'x48, double sided, electronic Billboard. 

  6. RE-DISCUSSIONS: 11:30a.m.

    Case: BOA-669523, Address: 16 Nixon Street, Ward 16  Applicant: Andy Duong

    Article(s): 65(65-8) 65(65-41)

    Purpose: Change of Occupancy from Guest House since (1946) and Confirm as a 3 family dwelling - Existing condition. Request Occupancy Committee. No work to be done.