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Boston Retirement Board meeting

The Retirement Board will hold a meeting on July 17 at 10 a.m.

Discussion Topics

  1. Convene Meeting (Introduction of Members and Guests)
  2. Administrative Session Minutes of previous board meeting
  3. Outstanding/Ongoing Administrative Issues
    • Administrative Update
    • IT Update – Gloria Pizzarella, Chief Technology Officer
    • V10 upgrade – discussion only
    • IT Security – discussion and vote
  4. Outstanding/Ongoing Investment Issues
    • Investment Update
    • Large Cap Equity Search discussion and vote
    • June 2019 Flash Report – discussion only
    • Work Plan discussion only
  5. Outstanding/Ongoing Financial Issues
    • Financial Update
    • June 2019 Financial Snapshot – discussion only
    • May 2019 Financial Statement – discussion only
  6. Outstanding/Ongoing Operations Issues
    • Operations Update
    • June 2019 payroll update – discussion only
  7. Outstanding/Ongoing Legal Issues
    • Legal Update
    • PERAC Memos offered for educational purposes only:
      • PERAC Memo 18-2019 re audit
      • PERAC Memo 19-2019 re mandatory retirement board member training
    • Waiver Request
      • Andrea J. Monteiro                   PHC                           $2,261.76
      • The Board shall enter into Executive Session in order to consider pension forfeiture matters, applications for disability retirement allowance benefits, accidental death benefits, termination allowance benefits, as well as litigation strategy.  The Board shall re-convene in Administrative Session in order to consider any remaining agenda items and then adjourn.
  8. Adjourn