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Last updated: 04/08/2019 - 11:54am

Conservation Commission Hearing

The Conservation Commission will hold its next bi-weekly hearing on April 17, 2019, at 6 p.m.

In accordance with the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act, M.G.L. Chapter 131, Section 40, the Boston Conservation Commission will hold a public hearing in Boston City Hall, Piemonte Room, at 6:00 p.m. on April 17, 2019 to review the following projects to determine what conditions, if any, the Commission will impose in order to protect the interests of the public and private water supply, ground water, prevention of pollution, flood control, prevention of storm damage, protection of fisheries and land containing shellfish, and protection of wildlife habitat.

Discussion Topics

  1. Public Hearing 6 P.M.

    Notice of Intent for DEP File No. 006-1653 from 199 Havre Street Realty Trust for the proposed demolition and construction of a six-unit building located at 199 Havre Street, East Boston, MA (LSCSF)

    Notice of Intent for DEP File No. 006-1640 from Design Consultants on behalf of Residence of Walk Hill LLC for the demolition of 5 structures and removal of pavement located at 283 & 289 Walk Hill Street and 576 & 578 Canterbury Street, Roslindale, MA (Riverfront, 100ft Buffer to Inland Bank)

    Notice of Intent for DEP File No. 006-1652 from Norse Environmental on behalf of Tim Johnson Architect LLC for the proposed demolition and construction of three two-family dwellings located at 13-15 McKone Street & 12 Bloomington Street, Dorchester, MA (LSCSF)

    Notice of Intent for DEP File No. 006-1649 from Fort Point Associates on behalf of the Trustees of Reservations for the proposed test borings located at Pier 3, Marginal St, East Boston, MA (LUO)

    Notice of Intent for DEP File No. 006-16XX from Lucas Environmental LLC on behalf of BIV 1WH Unit 3 and BIV 1WH Unit 5 for the proposed partial demolition of an existing structure and reconstruction of a parking lot located at 1 Westinghouse Plaza, Hyde Park, MA (Riverfront, 100ft Buffer to Inland Bank)

    Continued to the May 1st hearing; Notice of Intent for DEP File No. 006-1644 from the Pare Corporation on behalf of the Boston Planning and Development Agency for the proposed culvert and sinkhole repairs to Pier 4 located in the Charlestown Navy Yard, Charlestown, MA (LSCSF, LUO, Land Containing Shellfish) *Continued from the March 20, 2019 hearing.

    Continued to the May 1st hearing; Notice of Intent for DEP File No. 006-1650 from Samiotes Consultants, Inc. on behalf of the Cabot Estate Condominium Trust for stormwater management improvements and the repaving of an existing parking lot located at 241 Perkins Street, Jamaica Plain, MA (Riverfront, BLSF, 100 foot Buffer to Inland Bank) *Continued from the April 3, 2019 hearing

  2. Public Meeting

    Request for Determination of Applicability from Epsilon Associates on behalf of Eversource for the proposed filling of the utility tunnel located below the Fort Point Channel, South Boston, MA.

    Request for an Amendment to the original Order of Conditions for DEP File No. 006-1552 for the propose construction of 2 buildings and pavement reconstruction located at the Conley Container Terminal, South Boston, MA

    Request for a Certificate of Compliance for DEP No. 006-1509 for the Constitution Wharf Improvement project completed at One Constitution Center, Charlestown, MA

    Administrative Updates

    Acceptance of the Order of Conditions:

    Notice of Intent for DEP File No. 006-1648 from Howard Stein Hudson on behalf of Lincoln Parkway LLC for the proposed construction of two, four-story residential buildings and garage located at 1545-1555 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury, MA (BLSF)

    Notice of Intent for DEP File No. 006-16XX from Beals and Thomas on behalf of Aptiv Properties Management Services for the repaving of the existing parking lot and installation of a fence and pole mounted traffic lights located at Suffolk Downs on William McClellan Highway, East Boston, MA (LSCSF, 100ft Buffer to BVW)

    Acceptance of Meeting Minutes from April 3, 2019

    Sign Language interpreters are available upon prior request.  The Commission will hold a public meeting immediately following the last hearing or as appropriate following any hearing.  Plans and filings with the Commission may be viewed at the Environment Department, Boston City Hall, Room 709, from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.  For more information, call 617-635-3850.

    Amelia Croteau

    Boston Conservation Commission