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Boston Fair Housing Commission meeting

The Boston Fair Housing Commission will hold its monthly meeting on August 13 at 10 a.m.

Discussion Topics

  1. Meeting Called to Order:
  2. Review and/or approval of Meeting Minutes:

    Review/Approve May 2019 minutes

  3. Commission Review:

    HO Order: 2018-BFHC-023; Thornton v. Pham & Acciardo

    HO Order: FY19-BFHC-053; Blythe v. Court Street Veteran’s Housing LLC, et al.

  4. Office Report: Overview and Updates:

    Executive Director Report

  5. Investigations and Enforcement:

    Program Updates

  6. Engagement and Outreach:

    Program Updates

  7. Confirm Future Meeting Dates & Closing:

    September – TBD

    October – TBD

    November - TBD

  8. Post Meeting Hearings: