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Access Boston 2000-2010

A citywide transportation plan developed by the Boston Transportation Department.

The plan addresses the many ways you can travel in Boston. This includes walking, automobiles, public transit, and bicycles. We wanted to make sure that everyone benefited from the City's transportation systems.

This initiative was driven by a "doing while planning" approach. We put an emphasis on putting the plan in place during the process. We focused on the issues that we heard from the public during a year-long workshop series. We put a priority on programs and projects for the short-term. But, we also developed strategies for the coming decade.

About the Parking in Boston report

The report took stock of the City’s parking supply. The report identified parking trends in Boston’s neighborhoods. We also studied how new developments affect different parts of the City.

Our Parking in Boston report describes existing Air Pollution Control Commission and zoning regulations on off-street parking. The report's Action Plan includes a chart of parking-ratio goals for each of Boston's neighborhoods and districts. The report also recommends new guidelines for development reviews.

Keeping everyone in mind

We want to make the most of the City’s curb space while keeping in mind its competing users, including:

  • residents, visitors, and tourists
  • delivery drivers
  • shoppers and diners, and
  • people who work in the City.
What we talk about

Some of the topics we discuss in the report include:

  • our ongoing corridor improvement program
  • how we can enhance neighborhood business districts, and
  • making the resident parking program more effective.

About the public workshops

We held a series of public workshops at the Boston Public Library at Copley Square in 2000. The Transportation Department conducted the workshops. The Advisory Committee on Transportation led the discussions.

What we discussed

The public workshops created a forum for public discussion of key issues. The workshops focused on four topics and their relationship to neighborhood interest and impact:

  1. parking and commercial vehicles
  2. traffic calming and connections
  3. public transportation, and
  4. highway connections.
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