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Project Name

30 Westville St

Project Parcels


City of Boston - DND


City of Boston - DND
Project Images
Property Size
23,056 sq/ft



Project Goals

The Louis D. Brown Peace Institute will build a new Center of Healing, Teaching, and Learning at the currently vacant parcel at 30 Westville Avenue, and the adjacent Westville unnumbered parcel. The new building will provide spaces that promote community-based health and healing, cultural programming, and open space.


Spring 2021

Community Feedback

We’re meeting with community members to gather feedback on plans for the site.

Mar 16 2021
DND is planning to hold a community meeting in April 2021. More details will be posted here soon. Please join us and provide input into the future use of this site!
Shani Fletcher | Project Manager
Jun 01 2021
DND will be presenting at the United Neighbors Association meeting on Saturday, June 5, 2021, to gather input from the community on the possible future uses of this site. Details can be found to the right.
Shani Fletcher | Project Manager
Jun 05 2021
30 Westville Community Meeting
Jun 05 2021 10:00-12:00PM

Jun 11 2021
DND will be hosting a stand-alone community meeting on Tuesday, June 22, to discuss future uses of this site. Details are available on the right.
Shani Fletcher | Project Manager
Jun 22 2021
30 Westville Community Meeting

Thanks to everyone who joined the 30 Westville Street meeting last night! The community was in strong support of the suggested use of a facility providing community services, as well as open space. A strong preference was communicated for any parking to be limited to those using the site. The next step will be a community process regarding a possible zoning change for one of the parcels from open space to one that allows for development as a building.

Sep 07 2021
In order to proceed with the community's vision for this site, a zoning change would be necessary to one parcel. In September, DND will hold a meeting regarding this possible zoning change. BPDA will be present to discuss the zoning process and possible change, and answer questions. Please join us!
Shani Fletcher | Project Manager
Sep 21 2021
30 Westville Zoning Meeting

Thank you to all who attended the meeting to discuss the proposed zoning change. All who attended were in support of this zoning change, which would be necessary for the community's proposed use of th e parcel to come to fruition. We will accept comment regarding the zoning change until October 5, and, assuming support remains consistent, we will then move forward with the zoning change process.

Sep 22 2021
Thank you to all those who could attend last nights zoning meeting! We are accepting further comments on this possible zoning change until Tuesday, October 5. Presentation materials and a meeting recording can be found in this feed.
Shani Fletcher | Project Manager
Sep 22 2021
Gracias a todos los que pudieron asistir a la reunin sobre zonificacin que tuvo lugar anoche! Seguimos aceptando comentarios sobre este posible cambio en la zonificacin hasta el martes 5 de octubre. En esta publicacin, encontrarn el material de la presentacin y una grabacin de la reunin.
Shani Fletcher | Project Manager
Sep 22 2021
Xin cm n tt c nhng ngi tham gia cuc hp phn vng ti qua! Chng ti vn ang chp nhn nhng bnh lun v vic thay i phn vng kh thi ny cho ti Th Ba, ngy 5 thng 10. Ti liu thuyt trnh v bn ghi m ca cuc hp c th c tm thy trong bn tin ny.
Shani Fletcher | Project Manager
Summer 2022

Developer Selection

We’ll release a Request for Proposals and select a developer for this site.

Aug 29, 2022

Request for Proposals (RFP) Opened for Bidding

Jan 30 2023
30 Westville St & Westville St (Unnumbered): Developer Presentation

Thank you to everyone who attended the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute's presentation of their proposal for the 30 Westville St and Westville St (Unnumbered) parcels. Attendees provided feedback and as ked questions about the designs and programming, and many shared their support for the proposed Center of Healing, Teaching, and Learning. Additional comments may be submitted to the city review team at until February 10, 2023.

Jan 31 2023
Thank you to all those who attended last nights developer presentation by the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute! We are accepting further comments on this proposal until Friday, February 10 at  or via email to . Presentation materials and a recording of the meeting can be found in this feed.
Stephanie Silva | Project Manager
Jan 31 2023
Attendees at the January 30th Developer Presentation raised concerns about existing traffic congestion along Westville Street. BTD (Boston Transportation Department) is currently working to address these and related concerns as a part of the Bowdoin / Geneva Transportation Action Plan. More information is available on the Action Plan webpage: 
Stephanie Silva | Project Manager
Spring 2023

City Planning

This project is going through a zoning review with the Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA). Then we’ll work with the Developer on funding, design, and compliance.

Under Construction

Predicted Date: Spring 2025

Project Complete

Predicted Date: Fall 2025
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