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Project Name

West End Library (Housing with Public Assets)

Project Parcels


151 Cambridge ST

No photos uploaded (yet!)

Property Size
22,210 sq/ft


To Be Decided


Fall 2021

Community Feedback

We’re meeting with community members to gather feedback on plans for the site.

Jun 14 2022
West End Branch Library Public Meeting

Thanks to everyone who joined our virtual meeting on the 14th. We had a chance to recap the branch library programming study, discuss the immediate next steps for releasing a development Request for P roposals, and answer questions from the community. The meeting recording and slides have been posted. - Joe

Jul 28 2022
West End Branch Library Public Meeting

Oct 26 2022
West End Branch Library Public Meeting

Thank you to everyone who joined the October 26th meeting and helped to make it such a productive discussion. The slides are posted to the project page, and the recording is also posted. We discussed the draft development objectives and the input that was provided at the meeting will help shape the Request for Proposals as we draft it. We will be following up soon with an update about the next step in the RFP process and public input.

Jan 10 2023
West End Branch Library Public Meeting

Thanks to the dozens of people who joined our meeting on January 10th and contributed to the discussion. The slides have been posted to the project page, and a recording of the meeting is also availab le. At the meeting, we gathered input on the draft Request for Proposals (RFP). A revised draft of the RFP will be posted shortly on the project page to allow for additional input before the final RFP is released this winter.

Spring 2023

Developer Selection

We’ll release a Request for Proposals and select a developer for this site.

Apr 3, 2023

Request for Proposals (RFP) Opened for Bidding

Apr 28 2023
Applicant Conference: West End Library & Housing Request for Proposals

Thanks to all who attended the Applicant Conference on April 28th. The recording has been posted for anyone that missed the meeting or wishes to review what was discussed. We are also posting the slid e deck and a written document that captures the questions and answers. Some of the answers have been made more complete than was shared during the meeting itself.

City Planning

Predicted Date: Summer 2023

Under Construction

Predicted Date: To Be Determined

Project Complete

Predicted Date: To Be Determined
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