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Last updated: 10/3/16

Fort Point Channel Landmark District Commission

The commission will hold its monthly public hearing on Thursday, October 13, 2016.

(Use Congress Street As An Entrance/Exit After 5:30 PM)


5:30 PM   

17.381 FPC  347 Congress Street

Applicant: Thomas Trykowski, Silverman Trykowski Associates (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Remove and replace three canvas banner signs on the existing armature fronting Congress Street.


5:45 PM      Continuance from 9/2016

17.245 FPC  9 Channel Center Street

Applicant: Dan McGrath, Berkeley Investments, Inc.(Applicant)

Proposed Work: Install two light fixtures adjacent to the entryway; install tenant signage on the left side and building signage on the right side of the entryway.


6:00 PM         Previously presented 4/2016

16.1274 FPC  24 Farnsworth Street

Applicant: Rev. Harlan Limpert, Unitarian Universalist Association (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Install signage on Farnsworth Street façade.


6:15 PM   

17.390 FPC   300 Summer Street

Applicant: Susan Knack-Brown, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (Architect)

Proposed Work: Install metal cladding at the fourth through seventh floors on the secondary north façade.


6:30 PM 

17.391 FPC   300 Summer Street

Applicant: Susan Knack-Brown, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (Architect)

Proposed Work: Construct a mechanical penthouse; replace window perimeter sealants in-kind; replace deteriorated metal shutter pintles with painted brick; clean and repoint the masonry façades; and replace all of the non-historic windows on the east façade with two-over-two double-hung aluminum windows with an extruded aluminum brick mold and a dark green finish.


6:45 PM        Previously presented for Advisory Review 8/2016

17.382 FPC   5 & 6 Necco Court

Applicant: Todd Dundon, Gensler (Applicant)

Proposed Work: Construct a glass enclosure between the two buildings and a connector bridge to a new building; construct a rooftop addition, mechanical equipment and roof deck; modify window, door and hoistway openings; create new window and loading bay openings; install signage; relocate and screen ground level transformers; and create a waterfront plaza.