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Ways to save as an older adult

There are a number of cost-saving programs you should know about.

We can connect you to services that may help you save money on taxes, utilities, and healthcare.

There are so many programs the City offers that help me save money each year. I appreciate it.

older Boston resident


Still have questions? Contact:
Age Strong Commission
1 City Hall Square
Room 271
Boston, MA 02201

Other cost-savings benefits

Boston Water and Sewer Discount

Qualified homeowners are eligible for a 30 percent discount on their monthly water and sewer charges if:

  • they 65 years of age and older, or fully disabled, and
  • live in a 1-4 family residential dwelling.
Fuel Assistance

Qualified residents of Boston can get up to $1,400 to help with their heating bill. Our staff can help you fill out or renew your fuel assistance application.

Prescription Advantage

Prescription drug coverage for Massachusetts residents age 65 and older, as well as younger people with disabilities who meet income and employment guidelines.

Connect to a SHINE Counselor

Our staff have special training to help residents and their caregivers navigate Medicare. Keep in mind: Open enrollment for Medicare is between late October and early December every year. Make sure you are on a plan that will save you the most money!

Food Resources

We help seniors get access to quality food and nutrition education to so they can live healthy, strong lives.

Seniors Save

Adults over 60 can apply to replace an old heating system.

Senior Home Repair

The Boston Home Center works with several neighborhood agencies that will assist you with applying for minor to larger repairs for your home.

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