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Last updated: 11/24/17

Cultural Districts

The cultural districts help local arts, humanities, and science organizations.

The districts improve the quality and amount of public programs offered by these groups. The goal is to have more local families enjoy these programs.

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About the Cultural Districts

What They Are

Cultural districts are popular areas of a city where there are a lot of cultural facilities and programs. They help strengthen local economies and add to local culture.


The Mass Cultural Council designates cultural districts. Areas must apply for designation. The council accepts applications on a rolling basis. There are now three cultural districts in Boston.

Why They Exist

The state legislature authorized the Cultural Districts initiative in 2010. This act was enacted in 2011. The main goals are to: 

  • attract artists and cultural enterprise
  • encourage business and job development
  • establish the district as a tourist destination
  • preserve and reuse historic buildings
  • enhance property values, and
  • foster local cultural development.

Boston's Cultural Districts

Boston's Cultural Districts
Boston Literary District
Boston Literary Cultural District

Boston has a rich history of classic literature, as well as a vibrant community of contemporary writers.

Fenway Cultural District
Fenway Cultural District

The area of Boston is rich in art, music, education, and community.

Roxbury Cultural District
Roxbury Cultural District

The district celebrates Roxbury's rich arts and cultural assets.