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East Boston Police Station public art project

This project is in the fabrication phase.

This public art project will complement the new Area A-7 Police Station in East Boston.

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Project details

Project Context

The new 27,505 square-foot Area A-7 Police Station in East Boston will include:

  • a community room
  • offices 
  • fitness and locker area for police personnel
  • temporary holding facilities
  • a vehicle maintenance bay, and
  • parking for police personnel.

The building will be at the intersection of two busy streets. The location is at an area where the residential neighborhood meets the industrial area, with a view of the Chelsea River. The building is intended to welcome the community while also holding a civic presence. The total budget for the public art project is $450,000, including fabrication and installation.

Project Site

The City has identified several potential sites for the artwork, including: 

  • the wall or ceiling of the entrance lobby
  • the wall or ceiling of the community room
  • a section of the urban wild area northwest of the station
  • the planter bed running along the west side of the station, and
  • the planter bed running along the south front of the station.

These sites are based on the preliminary landscape and architectural design, and may change as the design is further developed.

Community Values

We encouraged applicants to consider these three qualities of the East Boston neighborhood:


East Boston has a deep history with several immigrant communities. There are several local symbols of immigrants, including:

  • the To Immigrants with Love murals, and
  • The Golden Staircase, a plain concrete stairway that new Bostonians would climb up upon arriving to the United States. 

Climate Change:

East Boston is experiencing the negative effects of climate change largely because of its geographic location. The City is partnering with local nonprofits to reduce the impact on the neighborhood. 


Because East Boston is somewhat isolated from other neighborhoods in the City, the community has a strong neighborhood identity. The police officers and Boston Police Department staff have a close relationship with residents. This relationship reflects the tight-knit nature of East Boston, and Boston’s citywide commitment to community policing.

East Boston police station rendering

Artwork Details

For her project, Monika aims to create a mesmerizing environment that invites the audience to mutual participation and an experience of synthesis. Its source resonates with the roots and origins of all the historical and topographical elements that relate to its new location.

The title of the work will be UNUS MUNDUS, which is Latin for "one world". It is the concept of an underlying unified reality from which everything emerges and to which everything returns. The term "Unus Mundus" stems from Jungian psychology. This is one of the methods Monika has been using to integrate several key elements in her artistic practice. Monika's artwork uses mobiles, mosaics, glass, transparency, and light as a metaphor for an expression of diversity.

Photo of Monika Bravo's project UNUS MUNDUS in fabrication.
Photo of Monika Bravo's project UNUS MUNDUS in fabrication.

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