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Last updated: 10/17/17

Broadband and Digital Equity

We're working to improve access to affordable and reliable high speed Internet in Boston.

We want to expand the availability of high speed Internet in public places, and facilitate ease of access to up-to-date digital tools. We promote the acquisition of digital skills that Bostonians need to engage in the educational, economic, and civic pursuits critical to a future of equity, innovation, and opportunity for themselves, their families, and communities.

Digital Equity Fund

The fund supports programs that advance digital equity in Boston.

Households and businesses

Enabling a more competitive broadband marketplace is at the cornerstone of the City’s work to ensure that households and businesses can choose among a range of high quality, affordable high speed Internet options. Boston is and will continue to be a city where technological innovation in the provision of this critical service flourishes.

What we are working on

  • Collaborating across City departments to streamline processes and permitting associated with broadband infrastructure investment
  • Making the City’s fiber assets practically and financially accessible to companies in the broadband marketplace
  • Welcoming new cable and Internet competition to Boston
  • Integrating future-looking broadband practices into the design and construction of Boston’s built environment
  • Pursuing the removal of building-level barriers that make it challenging for Bostonians to have a choice of affordable high speed Internet offerings where they live and work

In the community

The City of Boston is expanding the availability of high speed Internet in the places where Bostonians work, learn, play, and engage in civic life.

What we are working on

Digital skills

The City of Boston works to ensure that community members and local businesses are equipped with the digital tools and skills that they need to take advantage of opportunity, innovate, and create the future of their communities and Boston.

What we are working on

  • Collaborating with organizations who offer one-time and ongoing digital skills training opportunities in basic computer and Internet use, coding, media production, and more
  • Creating strategies to make up-to-date digital tools more readily available to community members