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Getting the Small Things Right

People only notice the basics when they break. We're making sure the City can keep running smoothly to maintain focus on the bigger picture.

The FY23 Budget invests millions in maintaining physical spaces, keeping up with technology needs, adding staff to meet changing needs and literally leaving the lights on in some cases.

Facility and Technology Improvements

Maintaining our physical spaces

City workers and city residents alike deserve well-maintained, attractive facilities. To that end, the Boston Public Schools are investing $4.8 million in high-quality school facilities. The Public Works Department is adding a position and maintenance contract dedicated to preserving 400 Frontage Road. The Boston Fire Department will receive funding for a new home for their Special Ops team and replace two fire boats, the Damrell and the Kenney.

Finally, the Parks Department will be keeping their athletic court lights on for four additional weeks in the fall. As fall nights become warmer, people want to play basketball, pickleball, and tennis later into the year.

Improving our technology

The Assessing Department will use $200,000 for spacially-referenced street level imagery to improve their mapping abilities, as well as a land records management system to provide automatic updates from the Registry of Deeds. The Boston Fire Department will upgrade their headquarters phone system, a critical piece of public safety infrastructure.

The Boston Public Library will add staff for cybersecurity, and the Boston City Council will receive an investment in upgraded technology.

Investing in our People

The city's workforce is its strongest asset. The experience of our employees is key to the success of any program. To that end, the FY23 invests in training our employees and adding staff to ensure success. 

  • The Public Facilities Department will add 11 project staff to accelerate implementation of the Capital Plan.
  • The Community Engagement Cabinet will add 311 call takers to ensure the phones continue to be picked up quickly. They will also receive funding to rethink their internal structure to meet changing neighborhood needs.
  • The Boston Public Library will add 6.5 positions to shore up small branches. This will avoid having to close libraries for lunch breaks.
  • The Law Department will add two lawyers to fill critical calls for service in the Mayor's Office of Housing and the Police Department's Public Records unit.
  • The Department of Innovation and Technology will add three staff to directly support employees: a hardware asset manager as well as two additional support technicians at the Help Desk. 
  • The Office of Streets will add a position for recruiting hard-to-fill positions, as well as multiple administrative positions in procurement and contract management. 
  • The Administration and Finance budget includes funding for a new Office of Contract Services, which will support departments by streamlining procurement processes.

Mayor Wu shakes the hand of a city employee

Multiple departments will develop trainings in FY23. The Department of Innovation and Technology's budget includes funding for internal technology training. Central Fleet Management will add fleet electrification training for its mechanics. The Environment Department will add funding for high-impact City employees to receive training on how to implement the Green New Deal in their work.

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