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Commemoration Commission

The Boston Commemoration Commission will mark upcoming historical anniversaries, including the United States' 250th in 2026, the 400th anniversary of the founding of the City of Boston in 2030, and other significant historical anniversaries for all our local communities to tell the full range of our history, including the struggles and accomplishments of Boston’s communities who are too often left out of the official narrative.

The Boston Commemoration Commission will invest in inclusive and robust historical resources and preservation tools by working with diverse community voices and organizations who steward Boston's history and City departments with responsibilities relating to historical narrative, exhibits, curricula, archives, preservation, and event-planning to deepen public opportunities to engage with history, in collaboration with state and federal partners. 

The Commission exists to affirm that our diverse and intertwined community histories are of great value to the City of Boston, that historical tourism should be a driver of true shared prosperity, that inclusive and honest historical memory is a crucial public good worthy of attention and resources, and that communities all over the City should have the tools and resources to research, preserve, acknowledge, and celebrate their history.



Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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