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Moving scams

We work with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office to educate consumers on a variety of topics. Learn how to avoid moving scams and make the experience less stressful.


Please make sure to research moving companies and check what they will charge you:

Still have questions? Contact:
Entertainment Licensing
1 City Hall Square, Room 809
Boston, MA 02201

Moving tips

  • Keep a detailed list of what you're packing, and keep anything of value with you.
  • Most movers will pay you back if something gets damaged. Check with the company to see what type of insurance they have.
  • Find out what you need to pay before you sign anything, and make sure you understand your contract with the mover.
  • If you want information on storing items, contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety at 617-727-3200. They regulate the industry.
  • Unhappy with a moving company? Try to resolve the issue with them first. If they don't cooperate, call us at 617-635-3483.
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