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Digital Team Roadmap

Last updated: 7/5/17

Digital Team Roadmap

Launching a redesigned was just the beginning.

Since launching in July 2016, we've been committed to:

  1. collecting feedback from our users and using it to improve the website
  2. supporting the City's many departments in making resources more accessible to the public, and
  3. remaining transparent about our progress. 

There's a lot of work to be done. Our biggest task is prioritizing improvements and how much time we spend on any specific project. We'll be keeping this roadmap updated to provide a window into our priorities for the next year. We also want to give you an opportunity to tell us what improvements you want to see.

Hit us up by using that "feedback" link at the top of the page. Want even more detail? You can always stay up to date on our work by tracking our open source work in Github.

Still have questions? Contact:
Digital Team
1 City Hall Square, Room 703
Boston, MA 02201
United States

What we're working on
  • Ability to sign up for City newsletters via the website
  • Better page layout when printing pages 
  • A consolidated pattern library (view in Github)
  • Improved search (current version at
  • Improved translations (currently powered by Bing Translate)
  • Enhanced navigation
  • Decreasing white space and padding 
  • Better integration of maps and geographic data
  • Enhanced calendar
  • Bugs and broken windows
Web Applications (in procesS)
  • BOS:311 + how it's changing in Github
  • Transactions we're rethinking and moving online (view in Github)
  • Buying death certificates online, which is currently not available (view in Github)
  • Improved transparency around legislation and public meetings
  • Rethinking annual registration of pet dogs + How it's changing in Github
Web applications (Coming Soon)

Interested in seeing what we get done each week? Read through our weekly release notes in Github.

Some things we've done since launch

  • FY18 Budget Visualization (view in Github)
  • Digital display board of public notices on first floor of City Hall (view in Github)
  • Application for the community to vote on where they would like early voting locations
  • Boston's Community Preservation Act Calculator (view in Github)

Public Notice Digital Board

Public notices online; digital public notices become official public record.

Budget FY18

Website visitors can view online data visualizations for the FY18 City of Boston budget.

CPA Tool

Bostonians could look up their potential change in taxes if the Community Preservation Act was passed in the City's last election.

Get involved

We develop everything we do in the open to be both transparent and to get help from you. A few ways you can get involved:

  1. Give us your feedback.
  2. Check out our Github repositories. Give us your ideas or help us with web development.
  3. Be a volunteer translator to review and enhance our translations.

Who we are

We're a small but mighty group of developers, designers, communications specialists, and product managers building digital experiences designed around the needs of our constituents.

We work to make these tools beautiful, welcoming, and highly useful.