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Digital Team Roadmap

Since launching in July 2016, we've been committed to:

  1. collecting feedback from our users and using it to improve the website
  2. supporting the City's many departments in making resources more accessible to the public, and
  3. remaining transparent about our progress. 

There's a lot of work to be done. Our biggest task is prioritizing improvements and how much time we spend on any specific project. We'll be keeping this roadmap updated to provide a window into our priorities for the next year. We also want to give you an opportunity to tell us what improvements you want to see.

Hit us up by using that "feedback" link at the top of the page. Want even more detail? You can always stay up to date on our work by tracking our open source work in Github.

What we're working on

What we're working on
Highlighted Projects
  • Continuing to work on lowering the overall reading level of new and existing content on
  • Finding new and creative ways to get the information from departments in front of you, the residents of the City
  • Adding more training opportunities for City staff hoping to learn how to edit and create content on
  • Promoting ongoing health initiatives and efforts across the City of Boston related to COVID-19 and the vaccine
  • Growing our audience and reach across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram while looking for new opportunities with social media

See some of our work in our design portfolioor on Behance. You can also learn about our brand.

Highlighted Projects
  • Ensuring consistent digital and print branding across City departments for public assurance and easy recognition
  • Making critical messaging graphics that we hope we never need, but if we do we can act more quickly in the moment
  • Accessibility maps for City services and facilities to help those in need
  • Continued review and redesign of City paper forms
  • Improving wayfinding signage across the City
  • Review and redesign of collateral created by departments

Here’s what we can share publicly about all of our work in progress.

Highlighted Projects
  • Reviewing legacy systems and software and streamlining experiences to provide services more effectively online
  • Upkeep on Drupal 8 (i.e. Keeping up with maintenance, increasing accessibility, and enhancing the experience for our internal and external users
  • Continued maintenance and enhancements to our My Neighborhood Lookup tool and Registry applications
  • Working with two local, small businesses (Craft and Twig&Fish) on user experience improvements
  • Supporting the Department of Neighborhood with the new Metrolist and Building Housing Map

Want to learn more?

Who we are

We're a small but mighty group of developers, designers, communications specialists, and product managers building digital experiences designed around the needs of our constituents.

We work to make these tools beautiful, welcoming, and highly useful.


Get involved

We develop everything we do in the open to be both transparent and to get help from you. A few ways you can get involved:

  1. Partner with us. Have an idea or want to work with us? Get in touch.
  2. Give us your feedback.
  3. Check out our Github repositories. Give us your ideas or help us with web development.
  4. Be a volunteer translator to review and enhance our translations.
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