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Education and Intervention

Parents are their children's first and best teachers. We provide parents and families with early childhood educational and developmental resources. Our goal is to ensure that children receive the help they need to thrive. 

Universal Pre-Kindergarten in the News!

When it comes to setting kids up with lifelong skills, early childhood programs have shown mixed results, but Boston May Have Cracked The Code On Universal Pre-K. With a focus on quality and the city's commitment to early childhood education, the Boston Universal Pre-K is setting the stage for success. “It reflects our legacy as a city,” Mayor Wu said, “recognizing what happens when we invest in public goods ― when people can benefit from places and programs that are free and available to all, not based on what you can afford. … It’s been nearly 400 years where we recognize that when all people have what they need to grow and learn and thrive, it’s our entire community and society that benefits.” Read the full article here

Boston Early Childhood Research Practice Partnership

The Boston Early Childhood Research Practice Partnership (RPP) team includes practitioners at the Boston Public Schools and researchers from the University of MichiganHarvard Graduate School of Education, and MDRC. RPP began in 2007, with additional partners added over time. Together, they use data and research to improve educational experiences and outcomes for young children in Boston and beyond. Learn more about RPP

Developmental Monitoring and Screening

Developmental Monitoring

Developmental monitoring means observing and noting specific ways a child plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves every day, in an ongoing way. This is done by parents, grandparents, other caregivers. The link below provides a resource that helps you learn what to look for. Act early if you have a concern. 

Developmental Milestones Checklist

Milestones matter! How your children plays, learns, speaks, acts, and moves offers important clues about his or her development. The checklist below provides a guide on what to look for at different ages.

Children at Childcare Fund launch
Developmental Screening

Developmental screening is the practice of systematically looking for and monitoring signs that a young child may be delayed in one or more areas of development. It is done by healthcare providers, early childhood teachers, or other trained providers.

Screening is not meant to establish a diagnosis for the child. Instead, it's meant to help professionals determine whether more in-depth assessment is the next step.

Get An Evaluation

Are you concerned about your child’s development? You can request a free evaluation to find out if your child qualifies for intervention services. You do not need to wait for a doctor’s referral or a medical diagnosis to make this call. Where to call for a free evaluation depends on your child’s age:

Children 0-3 Years old - Early Intervention (EI)

Early intervention is the term used to describe the services and supports that are available to babies and young children with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. It may include:

  • speech therapy
  • physical therapy, and
  • other types of services based on the needs of the child and family.

Early intervention can have a significant impact on a child’s ability to learn new skills and overcome challenges. It can also increase success in school and life. If you live in Boston, you can contact one of the below program to schedule an evaluation. 

Children 3 Years and Older - BPS Office of Special Education

Evaluations for children 3 or older that live in Boston (Proof of residency is required) are conducted by the Boston Public School (BPS) Office of Special Education - this applies even if your child is not currently enrolled in BPS. 

There are three ways to get an evaluation through BPS :

1. Register for an evaluation through Child Find Screening.  

2. Contact one of Boston Public School's (BPS) Welcome Center to schedule an evaluation. 

3. Contact the Office of Special Education via email at or call BPS helpline at (617) 635-8873

If you have any issues scheduling an evaluation email us

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