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Community Choice Electricity

Community Choice Electricity (CCE) gives Bostonians greater control over the electricity that powers their homes and businesses.

Community Choice Electricity (CCE) is a municipal program that allows the City of Boston to secure electricity on behalf of Boston’s residents and businesses at a competitive rate. By using the City's collective buying power, we aim to provide affordable and renewable electricity to the program’s customers. CCE ensures that energy decisions are made locally and reflect the values of Boston’s communities. It’s a vehicle for meeting our collective economic and environmental goals.

CCE is a municipal aggregation program. There are currently over 150 similar programs throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Boston’s is the largest one.

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833-930-3161 (Constellation)
617-635-3850 (City of Boston)
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Program rates

We know one product does not meet the needs of all residents. We have created three products so you can choose the one that’s right for you. Current customers on Community Choice Electricity will see a rate savings of 2 - 6% beginning with their December 2021 bill.

Customers who are automatically enrolled in the program are placed on the Standard (default) product.

Community Choice Electricity Program Rates

The graphic above displays the total renewable electricity that comes from the purchase of Massachusetts Class I Renewable Energy Certificates. Massachusetts law requires that all electric customers receive a mandatory minimum of 18% renewable electricity through the purchase of Massachusetts Class I Renewable Energy Certificates. Learn more about the renewable electricity provided to customers through the program

The Standard (default) product is the program’s mid-tier product in terms of electric rate and renewable electricity. The optional Basic product costs less than the Standard product and provides customers with a lower level of renewable electricity. The Optional Green 100 product costs more than the Standard product and provides customers with 100% renewable electricity. Customers may opt-in to either of the two optional program products. You can do this by calling the program’s electric supplier — Constellation — or by completing the online form.

Eversource offers residents an electric supply option called Basic Service. CCE will strive to save customers money relative to Basic Service. However, savings cannot be guaranteed as Eversource rates change two times each year. There will be new, lower, rates for CCE  Nov. 2021-Dec. 2023.

Basic Service

Compare the cost of the program's three products (Basic, Standard, and Green 100) against one another. Here you can compare CCE products against Eversource’s Basic Service rates. Additionally, you will be able to see the Greenhouse Gas reduction achieved with each of our products.  

Cost Calculator

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) has developed this website to help consumers in shopping for electric supply products. Rates shown for third-party suppliers are introductory rates and current market conditions show they may soon be as high as $.20 kWh.


Your City. Your Power. Your Choice.

How it works

Community Choice Electricity (CCE) gives you choice on the type of electricity that powers your home or business.

The City of Boston has the ability to create our own products. We provide options for more renewable energy, like the Green 100 option and the lower-cost Basic Option to help serve all customers.

CCE automatically enrolls Eversource Basic Service customers.

Basic Service customers are mailed a notification letter giving them the opportunity to opt-out of CCE or opt-in to more renewables. If one does not opt-out, they are placed on the program’s Standard product.

Continue to benefit from existing programs, plans, and assistance.

If you benefit from a program, plan, or some form of assistance, the CCE program will not affect those benefits.

CCE is flexible. You can opt-in or opt-out at any time with no contract or fees.

You can change your enrollment or renewable content by calling the program’s electric supplier — Constellation NewEnergy — at 833-930-3161, or by filling out our online form.

If you’ve signed an electric contract with a competitive supplier, you will not automatically be enrolled in CCE.

But you can still join CCE! Learn more on how to protect from the dangers of competitive electric suppliers, and your options moving forward.

Eversource continues to serve as your utility.

As a CCE customer, Eversource continues to handle electricity delivery. They also handle customer billing and service, grid maintenance, and power outages.

Program principles


The program has six principles (shown below) that guide the program. These principles were developed in coordination with a Working Group. This Working Group includes local experts and advocates, community leaders, and residents. They have met since December 2018 and have helped shape the design and implementation of the Community Choice Electricity Program.

We offer Boston residents a reliable, not-for-profit electricity option. Some residents have signed contracts with for-profit companies called competitive electric suppliers. Learn about the risks these contracts carry. The program offers residents an easy way to avoid these risks. 

We intend to set low-cost electric rates that remain fixed over long periods of time. This helps residents plan their monthly household budgets.

The City of Boston is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. We reduce carbon emissions through the electricity we purchase for customers.

We work to increase the amount of renewable energy on the regional grid. The program purchases renewable electricity for its customers to support new renewable energy projects. 

When buying renewable electricity for the Program, we strive to stay local. Listed in order of preference, the program will prioritize renewable sources from:

  1. Boston
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Within New England
  4. Elsewhere

We recognize that pollution and climate change cause more harm to socially vulnerable communities. The program aims to deliver benefits and economic opportunities to these communities. 

Working Toward Carbon Neutrality

The Community Choice Electricity program helps Boston achieve our goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. Carbon neutrality means that our community will  only release as much carbon pollution as our environment can safely absorb.

The City of Boston’s Climate Action Plan is our five-year work plan for how we achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The Plan highlights strategies for Boston to accelerate emissions reductions from its buildings, transportation systems, and energy supply. The Community Choice Electricity is one of the primary tools for reducing emissions from our energy supply. Learn more about our strategies to reduce carbon emissions.

What people are saying

" I want my children to be able to breathe cleaner air and inherit a livable climate. "
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Andee .
Jamaica Plain
" I strongly believe electricity should be a public service that benefits us, not a commercial product. "
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Peter .
" Doing the right thing and possibly saving money too? What's not to like? "
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Linda .
West Roxbury
" I'm excited to go 100% green and have the City use it's buying power to everyone's advantage. "
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Jess .
South End
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