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Determining your electricity supplier

One of the first steps in protecting your electric account is knowing who your electric supplier is. In Massachusetts, we have combined billing, which means you only ever receive an electric bill from your utility. However, that does not necessarily mean that your utility is your supplier. That's why you'll want to follow the steps below to determine your supplier.

Determining your electric supplier

Find one of your most recent Eversource electric bills. Regardless of who your electricity supplier is, Eversource handles all of the billing for Boston customers. Your electric supplier is listed on your Eversource bill under the section, “Your electric supplier is.” You will see one of three options listed:

  • Eversource
  • the name of a competitive electric supplier, or
  • Constellation NewEnergy and "Billing for Boston CCE" if you are a customer of the City of Boston's Community Choice Electricity Program.

The image below highlights where to look on your bill. 

An Eversource bill sample for a CCE Program customer

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