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Protect your electric account

Has anyone ever tried to sell you electricity? If so, you’re not alone. Many residents receive door-to-door solicitations, telemarketing calls, or mail from marketers trying to sign them up for electricity contracts. We’re raising awareness about the potential risks of these contracts. We want to provide you with the information you need to protect your electric account.

The problem with electric supply contracts

It’s common for marketers to approach Boston residents to sell them electricity. These marketers work for private companies called competitive electric suppliers. In some cases, marketers may use dishonest or aggressive sales tactics to get residents to sign electricity supply contracts. They may fail to adequately communicate the contract’s full terms and conditions. This can be costly and restrictive for customers. Many residents pay more for their electricity when they sign contracts. This is why the Massachusetts Attorney General opposes the direct sale of competitive electric supply to residents.

We urge you to be cautious if, and when, you consider signing an electric supply contract with a competitive electric supplier. Avoiding these contracts may be in your best interest.

From 2015-2020

Competitive electric supply contracts cost Massachusetts customers an extra $426 million.

From 2019-2020

Competitive electric supply contracts cost the average household an extra $190.

From 2019-2020

19% of all residential customers were under contracts, with low-income customers over-represented in this group.

Since 2015

Residents have filed thousands of complaints against the companies that sell these contracts.

Community Choice Electricity

The City of Boston is now offering electricity supply to the residents and businesses of Boston through its Community Choice Electricity Program. Community Choice Electricity leverages our collective buying power to provide affordable and renewable electricity to customers. It's a safe and reliable alternative for customers who want to avoid competitive electric supply contracts altogether. Learn more about Community Choice Electricity.

NOTE: Eversource offers residents a default electric supply option called Basic Service. The Community Choice Electricity program aims to offer rates below the Basic Service rate. However, because Basic Service rates change twice a year or more, this may not always be possible. The CCE Program will strive to deliver cost savings to customer. However, we cannot guarantee savings.

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