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Switching your electric supplier

After determining your electricity supplier, you may wish to switch to a new supplier, such as the City of Boston's Community Choice Electricity Program. If you are an Eversource Basic Service customer, and you want to join the City's program, you can simply sign up using our online form

If you have signed a contract with an electric supplier, and you want to join the City’s program, we encourage you to consider the steps outlined below. This is not an exhaustive list of steps as each individual case will be different.

Switching your electric supplier

1. Call your current supplier. If you want to switch your electric supplier, we encourage you to call your supplier directly. Their contact information will be listed on your Eversource bill.

2. Ask about fees and penalties. Contracts sometimes contain early termination fees. Ask your supplier if you would be subject to any fees. If there are no early termination fees, you can instruct the supplier to drop you from their service. You'll be switched back to Eversource Basic Service at your next meter read.

3. Ask them to waive any fees. If there is an early contract termination fee, ask them to waive it. They may or may not agree to it. 

4. Weigh your options. If they refuse to waive the fee, you have three options:

  • Switch once your contract ends. Signing up with a new supplier, such as the City of Boston's Community Choice Electricity Program, will automatically drop you from your previous electric service. 
  • End the contract immediately, but be aware you will have to pay an early termination fee. 
  • If you feel you have been unduly wronged, you can seek further help from the Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General or the Department of Public Utilities. 

5. Contact the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. Contact the Massachusetts Attorney General about:

  • deceptive or misleading sales practices
  • misleading terms of your contract
  • harassment by marketers
  • violations of the “do not call” rules, and
  • the need for further help.

You can call 617-727-8400 or file an online complaint with the Massachusetts Attorney General.

6. Contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. Contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities about:

  • unauthorized changes to your electric account
  • mysterious cancellation or termination fees, and
  • billing problems with an electric supplier.

You can call 877-886-5066 or file an online complaint with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

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