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Energy help for multi-family homes with five or more units

Get no-cost services and products proven to increase the value and comfort of your facility! Call 1-800-594-7277 and ask about the multi-family program.

Did you know that for every $1 invested in your residential facility you add $10 to the building's value? Because of the very generous incentives offered by Mass Save, that single dollar will go even further than before. Call to receive your no-cost, no obligation energy visit from a Mass Save Certified Energy Specialist. You'll get information on the discounts available for upgrading your building.

From the entire facility’s thermal shell and lighting down to individual units, Mass Save will help decrease your costs and increase the value of your building.

  • Still have questions? Contact:
  • Program questions?

    Contact Mass Save at 617-635-SAVE (7283).

Learn more about the program

You can qualify for the following improvements:

  •  75% off up to $2,000 for insulation and air sealing
  • High efficiency heating and cooling upgrades and controls
  • Water heating equipment and hot water measures (showerheads, aerators, pipe wrap)
  • Lighting upgrades and controls
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Appliance rebates

Taking advantage is easy! Simply call Mass Save Multi-family connector at 1-800-594-7277 and let them know you’re interested in the program.

Is your building low-income? Call 1-800-594-7277 to receive even greater incentives.

Watch: Mass Save's multi-family program
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