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Catalina Lopez-Ospina

Director, Food Access

Catalina López-Ospina was appointed by the Mayor in 2016 as a Director Of the Office of Food Access (previously know at the Office of Food Initiatives). Her mission under Mayor's Walsh’s administration is to ensure that all Bostonians have access the food that they need and want. The Office of Food Access is committed to building a vibrant, inclusive food culture in Boston, that is reflective of the diverse residents of the City.

Catalina López Ospina was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia where she earned her MS Science degree. She moved to Boston in 2008. Catalina worked in the Boston Public Health Commission at the Homeless Services Bureau for four years as a manager at Serving Ourselves Farm, employing homeless individuals to produce food for the shelter and low-income communities. She started working at the Office of Food Access in May 2016.

Catalina strongly advocates for food sovereignty and access to food as a right, not a privilege.