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Boston Home Center Classes

Find out more about the classes we offer.

The Homebuyer 101 class is a requirement for our home financing programs. The class certificate qualifies you to get financing help through the City.

Homebuying 101

Homebuying 101 is required to apply for any of our first-time homebuyer financial assistance programs.

    During the class, the Boston Home Center takes you through the entire home buying process from beginning to end.

    Topics covered include:
    • Information on preparing for the mortgage process
    • First time homebuyer mortgages
    • How to find a home
    • The legal aspects of buying a home
    • How to work with professionals during the homebuying process.
    Homebuying 101 is hosted by the following agencies:

    More Classes for Homebuyers


    “What's Next” is an Information Session for Homebuying 101 Grads. Topics covered include credit checks, evaluating your income, and choosing a mortgage and lender. 

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    homebuying 100

    Homebuying is a 90-minute seminar which gives an overview of what to expect during the homebuying process. It’s the perfect class to take to prepare yourself for Homebuyer 101.

    The class is hosted by the following agencies:

    Financial Empowerment

    The Roxbury Center for Financial Empowerment regularly holds free workshops on topics that are important to financial well-being and growth. These are opportunities to gain knowledge you can apply to your own finances. 

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    Classes for Homeowners and Lenders


    Property insurance discounts are available for homeowners who successfully complete either of these classes. Topics covered include property management and maintenance, fire safety, personal financial management, financing home improvements, foreclosure prevention, and housing codes.

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