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Immigrant Professionals Fellowship

A fellowship for Boston immigrants who want to pursue a career in healthcare

Immigrant professionals face many challenges to work in healthcare in the United States. Many have previous experience from other countries but struggle to find work in the same career here. At the same time, the healthcare industry needs the skills and diversity of immigrants to reduce racial disparities. This fellowship helps bridge that gap and places foreign-trained professionals into paid fellowships with leading hospitals in Greater Boston.


  • Fellows first go through a free, pre-placement training with African Bridge Network.
  • Fellows are then assigned a paid, three-month position with a leading hospital in Greater Boston.
  • The hospital placements are non-clinical.
  • The placements pay $20 an hour for up to 30 hours a week.
  • Due to COVID-19, hospital placements may be in-person, hybrid, or remote.
  • There are 25 spots available. As a co-sponsor of this fellowship, the City of Boston holds 15 spots for Boston residents.
  • Identify as an immigrant
  • Able to legally work in Boston
  • Commit 30 hours per week 
  • Provide proof of higher education (more than high school equivalency)
  • Have previous experience in healthcare
  • English proficiency


Applications have reopened for the Immigrant Professionals Fellowship. Apply by April 29, 2022.

Apply now

Fellows will be notified throughout April. Pre-placement training begin in May and hospital placements begin in August and September.

People can apply for two types of positions:
  • Project Coordinator

  • Research Administrator

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Common questions

Common questions

The Immigrant Professionals Fellowship is an innovative partnership between:

  • the City of Boston
  • the African Bridge Network, and
  • four leading hospitals in Greater Boston.

African Bridge Network (ABN) is a local nonprofit that runs the fellowship. ABN provides pre-placement training and post-placement career support and collaborates with the hospitals. There are 25 spots available. As a co-sponsor, the City of Boston provides some funding and holds 15 spots for Boston residents. The fellowship stipends were made possible through the Neighborhood Jobs Trust.

This fellowship is an example of how government, private, and nonprofit sectors can work together for advocacy and change.

This fellowship helps immigrant professionals get healthcare experience in Boston. Fellows are well-positioned to develop a healthcare career in Boston through:

  • resume-building experience
  • networking, and
  • being in the hospital environment.

Applicants must have proof of higher education. It needs to be at least some post-secondary education (more than high school equivalency). Degrees, trainings, and licenses do not need to be validated in the U.S. However, fellows do need to speak English and draw on past knowledge.

Because fellows receive an hourly wage, applicants must have U.S. work authorization. 

The City of Boston Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement has other work initiatives for immigrants regardless of immigration status. Contact to learn more.

African Bridge Network runs the Immigrant Professionals Fellowship. Anyone in Greater Boston can apply. The City of Boston is a co-sponsor and holds 15 spots for Boston residents.

This fellowship does not guarantee future employment. However, ABN can continue to provide career mentorship and networking support.

For 2022, people must apply by the end of April. Pre-placement trainings begin in May and hospital placements begin in August and September.

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