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Protecting elderly and disabled housing

The Housing Division works to make sure elderly residents and people with disabilities have fair housing opportunities. Find out how we protect housing.

Senior Security Ordinance

The City Council passed the Senior Security Ordinance in 1989. We enforce the ordinance along with the Boston police. The purpose of the ordinance is to improve security of elderly and disabled housing.

We review housing that’s made specifically for elderly people and people with disabilities. We make sure housing developments have the right security measures. We usually recommend 24-hour security teams. We also:

  • respond to crime prevention surveys
  • inspect lighting, locks, and alarms
  • review areas of crime, and
  • develop safety plans.

How we develop security plans

Tenant associations can work with our department to report issues. They help us work on security plans for their housing. Read an example of a security plan.

After we get a security plan from a development, we’ll hold a public hearing. We post a notice 10 days before the hearing. Tenants, landlords, police, and other witnesses can talk about the security plan. Anyone can testify or submit documents. After the hearing, we'll make an official written decision on the security plan.

If you have a security concern, you should report it to us. You can still file a report even after we’ve made a hearing decision. You can reach us at 617-635-5300, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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