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2017 Boston Preservation Month Events

Last updated: 5/31/17

2017 Boston Preservation Month Events

Welcome! Every May, Boston Preservation Month encourages public awareness and appreciation of the City's historic resources.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation created National Preservation Month in 1973. The month highlights historic preservation's importance through events that:

  • celebrate historic places
  • promote heritage tourism, and
  • show the social and economic benefits of historic preservation.

Every year we put together a list of exhibits, walking tours, lectures, and more, related to history. The events are free or low-cost. You can find more information about this year's below.

Still have questions? Contact:
Landmarks Commission
1 City Hall Square
Room 709
Boston, MA 02201
United States
Preservation Month Events
Citizen Preservation Award

In 2017, we are launching a new annual Citizen Preservation Award. The award recognizes outstanding individuals who help preserve and protect Boston.

Preservation Month events

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All May 2017 events

Preservation month posters


Our posters are available for you to download for free.

2017 Preservation Month poster #1

2017 Preservation Month poster #2

2017 Preservation Month Poster #3

2017 Preservation Month posters