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Landlord Incentive program

The City is launching a program to support landlords who rent to Boston households moving out of homelessness. We provide signing bonuses, holding fees, and a dedicated customer service provider.

Landlords can use the holding fees and incentives to make necessary repairs to their units. This program will also help landlords quickly and easily market their units to participating households. We want to make it easy for participating households to identify units that fit their preferences and needs.

Tenants will receive ongoing staffing support as needed. Landlords will have direct access to a customer service provider to resolve any tenancy issues. The program is part of the City’s larger effort to end homelessness and housing instability in Boston.

Have questions? Contact:

Neighborhood Development

Benefits to landlords

Benefits to landlords
  • Signing bonuses
  • Payment for holding units during screening
  • Cleaning fees
  • Ongoing dedicated services for tenant
  • One number to call for referrals and during unit occupancy

Interested in applying? Complete our online form and be the first to know when the incentives are available:

Landlord incentives intake

Landlord Fair

We are hosting a landlord fair on June 28. Landlords who participate will have access to the Landlord Incentive Program.

If you are interested in participating in the event, please fill out the form below.

Landlord Incentive Intake

Common questions

Common questions

Landlords may receive payments, such as holding fees, signing bonuses, and additional costs required for damages. Be sure to fill out our form so you are the first to know when the landlord incentives are available.

You may be asked to adjust your screening criteria and lease to pre-screened clients who meet your screening criteria. You will also be asked to receive referrals from the program directly.

The program is time and funding limited. The City is interested in making this a permanent program but the current end date is September 2022.

This program is not a long-term rental assistance program. Instead it offers direct payments to landlords above and beyond monthly rent. It also offers landlords a single contact for tenant referrals and tenancy issues, should they arise.

All participating households will have access to dedicated staff that assist with move-in and ongoing tenancy support. Some households will come with permanent tenant-based rental assistance through a voucher. Others will receive shorter-term rental assistance that lasts up to 24 months.

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