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Last updated: 4/22/17

Civic Research Lab

We want to understand and explain civic behaviors and needs for City departments.

Our research takes different forms with many different ends. Whether it’s scientific or design research, we’re interested in the quality and quantity of our data. We’re also search for short-term and long-term results.

With everything we do — whether it's policy or street building — we keep in mind the rich tapestry of urban life. It’s the only way we can thoughtfully serve our citizens.

Our civic research focuses on:

  • partnering with the many colleges and universities in the area
  • formal and informal research with students and researchers
  • providing and analyzing all types of data
  • connecting academics with community groups and citizens
  • publishing guides and papers about our work, and
  • developing a cohort of summer fellows, made up of students from colleges and universities around the world.