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How to pay a parking ticket

How to pay a parking ticket

You have four options to pay the fine.

Last updated: 1/23/18

Pay with your ticket or notice number

You can use our online search to pay by your ticket or notice number.


Search for your plate or registration number

You can search for your plate or registration number online if your car is registered in Massachusetts.


Or use the Boston PayTix app

You can look up unpaid tickets, avoid late fees with reminders, and make secure payments. Learn more about Boston PayTix.


Go to the Parking Clerk’s office

You pay your parking ticket at:

1 City Hall Square, Room 224
Boston, MA 02201
Office hours: 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Or visit the City Hall to Go truck

If you use City Hall to Go, we forward your payment to the Parking Clerk. Your payment should get processed within 10 business days.

Find out when the truck is in your neighborhood.


Write a letter to the City

The letter to the City needs to include:

  • your ticket and registration number
  • your name and address, and
  • your payment for the fine.

Mail your information to the City

You can send your information to:

City of Boston
P.O. Box 55800
Boston, MA 02205


Have your info ready for the call

Find your parking ticket number. If you lost your ticket number, use your plate or registration number.


Call the City

You can reach us at 617-635-3888. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Payment Info:
  • Online or over the phone: We only accept debit or credit cards from Mastercard or Visa.
  • In person: You can pay with cash, a cashier's check, a money order, or a debit card or credit card from Mastercard or Visa.
  • By mail: We only accept personal checks or money orders.
Parking Clerk
1 City Hall Square
Room 224
Boston, MA 02201-2007
United States

Keep in mind

  • You must pay the fine within 21 days of getting your ticket to avoid an additional penalty.
  • If you appeal your ticket and we deny your appeal, you must pay your ticket within 10 days or request a hearing. To request a hearing with the Office of the Parking Clerk, call 617-635-4410.
  • Any ticket issued by a Parking Enforcement Officer is uploaded to the City’s online system the same day. Handwritten tickets may take longer to be added to the system.
  • For out-of-state plates or unknown ticket numbers, please call the Parking Clerk at 617-635-4410.