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Improvements to Ramsay Park

David L. Ramsay Park | Derby Park

| Park Established 1974 |

Park renovation including play lot, basketball courts, tennis courts, plazas, passive areas, and lighting.


Image for a photo of ramsay park in the south end

Ramsay Park is named for Captain David Ramsay, a highly-decorated local veteran who served as a pilot in Vietnam. The park is 5.49 acres and includes Jim Rice Baseball Field, Michael L. Bivins Basketball Courts, tennis courts, playground, and passive space.

Project location
Ramsay Park
1917 Washington Street
South End
Project contact
Project information
  • Project status: Construction
  • Construction budget: $1,630,000
  • Project features: Baseball, basketball, passive use, memorial, multi-use court, playground, tennis
  • Consultant: Stantec Planning & Landscape Architecture, Inc.
  • Contractor: To be determined

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