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Common permits and applications

If you need a permit to take up public space or dig up public roadways, you need to go through the Permit Division of Public Works.

There are a range of permits that the Public Works and Transportation Departments issue for use of City streets. Here are the most common:

You can apply for all three of these permits online.

If you need to schedule an appointment to drop off a driveway permit application, to pick up an approved driveway permit, or to pick up signs, please use our online scheduler.

If you have questions about making a sidewalk deposit, please call our office at 617-635-4900. We are currently not accepting appointments for sidewalk deposits through our online scheduler. We will update our website when this feature becomes available again.

For any other permit questions or applications, you can contact the Public Works Department by emailing

Have questions? Contact:

BOSTON, MA 02201
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