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Boston Saves

We empower families to save and plan for their children’s futures with the support of their City, schools, and community.

Boston Saves gives each K2 kindergartner in Boston Public Schools an account with $50 from the City of Boston. The money in this account can be used for college or job training costs after the student finishes high school. Families can earn more from the City by:

  • linking a financial account to their child’s Boston Saves account
  • saving $25 for their child in a three-month period, and
  • reading regularly with their child

Through the online Savings Center, families can track the growth of their child’s account. Schools also host family events and classroom activities to make saving fun.

Why use the program

A culture of student success

Our vision is to create a citywide culture that supports the educational and career aspirations of Boston’s children and their families. We do this by empowering families to save and plan for their children’s futures with the support of their city, schools, and community.

Children working on a laptop in a classroom

Research shows that:
  • families with children’s savings accounts are more likely to see college as a goal for their children, and
  • low-income children with $500 or less in a savings account for college are three times more likely to enroll in college. They are also four times more likely to graduate from college.


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