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Dudley Square Design Project

The Transportation Department initiative and community planning process will develop roadway, intersection, and streetscape design plans for construction in Dudley Square.

The Dudley initiative aims to modernize existing conditions and bolster the ongoing municipal and private investment projects in Dudley Square including projects like the Bolling Building, the former Area B-2 Police Station site. and the Plan Dudley Square Parcels

The project will consider a range of improvements for:

  • traffic and parking
  • buses, pedestrians, and bicycles
  • accessibility, and
  • the overall safety and beauty of the streets and sidewalks.

Special emphasis will be given to plans that on focus on all modes of transportation and build on previous planning initiatives. The limits of work are generally bounded by:

  • Dudley Street between Shawmut Avenue and Harrison Avenue
  • Washington Street between Shawmut Extension and Ruggles Street, and
  • Warren Street between Kearsage and Washington Street.

We'll continue to partner with the Roxbury community to complete final design during the upcoming year with construction expected to begin on Phase I this spring, followed by Phase II in first quarter 2020. The City has invested over $1 million in design, along with construction funding of approximately $12 million.

Still have questions? Contact:
1 City Hall Square
Room 721
Boston MA  02201-2026
United States

Supporting documents

Geographic Limits of Work

We have a graphic illustration of the Dudley Square Complete Streets Project limits of work for design and construction.

Dudley Square Design Services Request for Proposals

Read the Transportation Department's Request for Proposals advertised in Fall of 2011 following the Transportation Action Plan and in anticipation of the Ferdinand Building redevelopment.

Foundations for Dudley Design - Previous Studies

A summary of past projects in the Dudley Square area outlining the context for the current design initiative.