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Last updated: 12/18/18

Melnea Cass Boulevard Design Project

The Transportation Department is working with the Roxbury community to redesign Melnea Cass Boulevard. Our goal is to make it a neighborhood-friendly corridor. 

We are rebuilding Melnea Cass Blvd from Columbus Ave to Massachusetts Ave. We are designing the street to follow "Complete Streets" principles: safe, comfortable design for people of all ages and abilities to walk, bike, take a bus, or drive. The project will support economic development along the corridor.

The current design proposes:

  • creating a pedestrian-friendly environment with new sidewalks that are generally 8' wide
  • bike lanes that are separated from vehicles and sidewalks
  • efficient traffic flow with all-new signal equipment and updated timing
  • better bus stops with space to comfortably wait
Still have questions? Contact:
1 City Hall Square
Room 721
Boston, MA 02201-2026
United States

About the project

We're building on the conclusions of the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan.

We work on the design in consultation with all relevant City and state agencies, neighborhood groups, and corridor abutters.  As part of this project, we plan to coordinate with the designs for the South Bay Harbor Trail and neighboring development parcels.

By the numbers

The initial City of Boston investment of $2.2 million for design is being supported by federal earmark and state matching funds for construction, totaling about $25 million.

Right NOW

On December 10, we held a Public Hearing on the 75% Design plans. Public comments were accepted at the meeting. People may continue to provide written comments directly to the Boston Transportation Department. Please email Pat Hoey.


We will review all of the comments from the public and our partner agencies and incorporate what we can into the design. We are on schedule to begin construction in summer 2019. We have identified several paths for the incorporation of public art; stay tuned for more details!

Reports and meetings

Reports and meetings