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Resident Parking Permits

The program gives Boston residents preferential access to on-street parking spaces in City neighborhoods.

“Resident Parking Only” parking restrictions are in place on multiple streets in most neighborhoods of Boston. The program prevents long-term parking by non-residents on residential streets.

Permit Expiration Dates 

Please note that physical permits will not have their expiration date printed on them. Please refer to the expiration date table to see when your permit expires.

Parking Permit Expiration Dates

Please note: Permits do not have expiration dates printed on them. Please refer to the table below to see when your permit expires.

Neighborhood Expiration Date
Allston/Brighton March 31, 2026
Back Bay  May 31, 2026
Bay Village January 31, 2026
Beacon Hill September 30, 2025
Charlestown September 30, 2024
Chinatown  May 31, 2025
Dorchester January 31, 2026
East Boston January 31, 2025
Fenway/Kenmore June 30, 2026
Hyde Park January 31, 2026
Jamaica Plain February 38, 2025
Leather District May 31, 2025
Mattapan July 31, 2025
Mission Hill June 30, 2025
Motorcycle  May 31, 2025
North End November 31, 2024
Roslindale January 31, 2026
Roxbury May 31, 2025
South Boston November, 30, 2025
South End  April 30, 2025
West End July 31, 2025
West Roxbury May 31, 2025


About the program

When you need a permit

Resident parking restrictions apply to all vehicles not registered in the neighborhood. These include:

  • vehicles that belong to friends and family of local residents, and
  • vehicles owned by residents, but registered to an address outside of the neighborhood. 

A small number of “Visitor Parking” spaces with short-term time limits exist. But, the vast majority of parking spaces are reserved for residents.

For streets with restrictions, you can only park when the restrictions are active if you have a valid Resident Parking Permit. Each sign will have the neighborhood across the top. Any vehicle parked must have a valid Resident Parking Permit for the same neighborhood. If you park on the street without a valid permit, we will ticket you.

For Example:

Let’s say you see a sign that says, “Resident Permit Parking, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Mon. to Fri.” That means that, Monday through Friday, only vehicles with a valid permit can park between the hours of 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

  • Signs that do not have time restrictions mean they are in effect all day and night.
  • Signs that do not have day restrictions mean they are in effect seven days a week.

All areas with “Resident Parking Only” restrictions also have visitor parking spaces. There are two types of visitor parking:

  1. Two Hour Limit: You can only park for two hours during specific hours. There is no parking limit before or after the times posted on the sign. Restrictions apply to both visitor cars and vehicles displaying resident permits.
  2. Two Hour Limit Except Resident Sticker: You can only park for two hours during specific hours. There is no parking limit before or after the times posted on the sign. This restriction does not apply to if you have a valid Resident Parking Permit.

Business vehicles meeting our commercial vehicle criteria can park in “Resident Parking” or “Visitor Parking” zones. But, they must be performing legitimate work in a local building for a limited time.

Keep in mind:
  • There is no charge for Resident Parking permits.
  • You need to place the permit sticker in the rear window of your car on the passenger side. If your window is tinted, display your sticker on the side window of the front passenger side.
  • New college students face the same requirements as new residents.

Renew or Apply for a permit sticker

Many of the City’s residential streets are now “Resident Parking Only.” If you live in one of these neighborhoods, you need a permit to avoid getting a ticket. When you are approved for a permit, you will receive a sticker to place on your car.

Renew or apply for a resident Parking permit

Resident sticker graphic

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