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We are making it more convenient for people to get around by installing GoHubsThey offer more options to travel, meet up, and find your way.

Whether walking, riding a bike, riding the bus or train, sharing a ride or hailing one, or even charging your electric car, these mobility hubs will help you connect to your destination. GoHubs! will get us closer to the Go Boston 2030 goal of:

"Every home in Boston will be within a 10-minute walk of a rail station or key bus route, Bluebikes station, and carshare."

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What is a GoHub!?

GoHubs! graphic

Defining 'GoHubs'

  • Identifiable places where transportation options, information, and placemaking elements are combined
  • Centered around bus stops, subway stations, and Bluebikes
  • Includes other amenities, such as carshare, pickup and drop-off for ride hail, EV charging, information kiosks, seating, and public art
  • Form a network, improving first- and last-mile connections
  • Makie it easier to get from major transportation hubs to within neighborhoods, and vice versa

Why GoHubs?

  • A majority of our residents rely upon public transit, biking, walking, and driving to get around our city. But, shared mobility and technology advances are altering travel.
  • New ways of transportation are introduced each day. The future of transportation may very well be shared, electric, and highly mobile.
  • GoHubs! are intended to help us organize these modes. We provide information on how to access them and navigate the technology, and ultimately make it easier to get around Boston

East Boston Pilot

East Boston Pilot
Contact: Transportation

In the Fall and Winter of 2020 the City of Boston launched a pilot program of GoHubs! throughout East Boston. GoHubs! were installed in eight locations.

EB Pilot GoHubs Map


GoHub! locations include:

  • Maverick Square
  • Central Square
  • Eagle Hill (Meridian and White Streets)
  • Day Square
  • Porzio Park
  • Airport T Station (Bremen and Brooks Streets)
  • Gove Street at the Greenway
  • Maverick Street at Massport Path
Locations were chosen based on:
  • community input
  • proximity to bus and subway stops, and
  • gaps in transportation access, in particular bike share and car share.
The pilot program added:
  • three new bike share stations
  • 33 new bike share bikes
  • 14 bike parking racks
  • 14 new carshare spaces
  • four smart benches with Wi-Fi and personal device charging, and
  • created eight easily identifiable public locations with information and co-located transportation options.
The pilot program is intended to help the City understand:
  • how GoHubs! are used
  • what amenities are most useful, and
  • what transportation choices are made.

The pilot program will be evaluated through 2021. The outcome will help inform further deployment of GoHubs! throughout the City.

GoHub Pilot Site Maverick Square

Maverick Square

The Maverick Square Gohub! features:

  • carshare and ridehail pickup and drop-off sites
  • a solar-powered smart bench with community information, and
  • bike parking.

These parts complement existing bike share and the already vibrant Transit Hub at the Maverick Station. 

GoHub! Pilot Site Central Square

Central Square

Central Square is a known meeting point in the neighborhood. The Farmers Market is held here weekly. The ample seating and tree cover throughout the square offers respite during the warm summer days.

The Central Square GoHub! includes:

  • carshare
  • a solar-powered smart bench
  • electric-vehicle charging
  • bikeshare, and
  • connections to bus routes. 

GoHub! Pilot Site Porzio Park

Porzio Park

Porzio Park offers many recreational activities, including access to the Massport HarborWalk. The Porzio Park GoHub! includes:

  • carshare
  • a new bikeshare station
  • bike racks, and
  • connection to the 120 bus line.

GoHub Pilot Site Maverick Street

Jeffries Point - Maverick Street

The GoHub! on Maverick Street in Jeffries Point is located at the entrance to the Massport Path leading to the East Boston Memorial Park. This location includes:

  • carshare
  • bike parking
  • bikeshare, and
  • connection to the 120 Bus.

GoHub Pilot Site Gove Street

Gove and Orleans Street at the Greenway

Gove Street is one of a few connections to the East Boston Greenway from Jeffries Point. In 2019, the area underwent a placemaking initiative to include ground art, seating, a public library, and a community bulletin board. The Gove Street GoHub! location includes:

  • a new bikeshare station
  • the closure of Gove Street at Orleans Street to create a pedestrian plaza, and
  • improved pedestrian safety, including a new stop controlled intersection. 

GoHub Pilto Site Airport

Bremen Street at the Greenway and Airport T Station

Brooks Street at Bremen Street is a main access point:

  • into the Greenway
  • to the Airport Subway Station, and
  • to shuttles to the airport and car rental facilities.

Future GoHub! elements are being planned alongside proposed development at this intersection. Until then, the pilot location features:

  • carshare
  • a seasonal bikeshare station, and
  • bike parking, connecting to the existing Transit Hub.

GoHub Pilot Site Day Square

Day Square

Day Square is a commercial district with many restaurants, services, retail, and other businesses situated around a central square, or triangle. The Day Square GoHub! focuses on:

  • activating the center of the square
  • relocating the existing bikeshare Station
  • installing a solar-powered smart bench
  • carshare, and
  • additional bike parking, connecting to the multiple bus routes.

GoHub Pilot Site Eagle Hill

Eagle Hill - Marion and White Streets

The intersection of Marion and White Streets in Eagle Hill is a welcoming point into the neighborhood. The Eagle HIll GoHub! location includes:

  • carshare
  • a new bikeshare station
  • bike parking, and
  • connection to multiple bus routes. 

The Pilot is being evaluated to help the City understand how well GoHubs! achieve the intended goals and outcomes. The goals and outcomes for GoHubs! include:

Goals and Outcomes
Improve Access and Mobility
  • Provide new transportation options in areas that have been underserved
  • Improve first- and last-mile connections to  ey bus routes, subway stops, and to rail stations
  • Strengthen connections between different transportation services 
  • Prioritize curb space for walking, biking, and shared services
Create Place
  • Create welcoming spaces to improve the waiting experience
  • Make space available for community events and additional amenities
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle safety 
  • Establish easily identifiable places where transportation options and information can be found
Provide Information
  • Help with trip planning
  • Enhance awareness of transportation options
  • Help with navigating local neighborhoods and identifying transportation options

Data will be collected for both short-term and long-term evaluation. This will include:

  • ridership data
  • public surveys
  • observations
  • online feedback, and
  • work with community organizations.

Please provide feedback on the initial phase of the pilot program by completing our online survey:

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Contact: Transportation

The GoHub! Pilot Program will be evaluated throughout 2021. Please provide feedback by completing our first phase survey:

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