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GoHubs! Pilot Program

We are conducting a pilot program to better understand how GoHubs! can improve transportation access, reliabilty, and make for more enjoyable spaces. 

Throughout Boston, GoHubs! offer more options to get around, meet up, and find your way. Whether walking, riding a bike, sharing a ride, or taking a bus or train, GoHubs! help you connect to your destination. GoHubs! are neighborhood mobility hubs. They combine transportation options, information, and placemaking elements. This makes it easier to make a multi-modal journey.

GoHubs! Mobility Hub Guidebook

The GoHubs! Guidebook details Boston's approach to implementing GoHubs!

Download the guidebook

GoHubs! Explained

Contact: Transportation

What is a GoHub!? 

  • GoHubs! are neighborhood places where transportation options, information, and placemaking elements come together
  • Are branded, visible, and anchored by bus stops, subway stations, and Bluebikes stations

  • Include amenities such as informational kiosks, seating, Wi-Fi, device charging, and public art

  • Form a network to improve first and last-mile connections, and make it easier to travel within a neighborhood

  • Create a public space where new amenities, new transportation modes, and community activities can occur

Why are they important? 

  • Most residents travel by public transit, biking, and walking. Public space should accommodate these modes, and it must be safe, reliable, and welcoming.
  • Shared mobility and new technology advances are adding more transportation options each day. Having identified space allows us to plan in advance, rather than be reactive.
  • To combat climate change we must adopt more sustainable modes of transportation. Multi-modal trips must be stress free to reduce dependence on private vehicles.
  • New modes of travel and technology may present barriers to access. Information must be be provided to reduce those barriers. 

The Maverick Square GoHub! is located across the street from the Maverick T Station. This graphic highlights the location of the GoHub! components. The pilot program GoHub! sites are "quick build," with most components identified through signage and paint. Larger components include the solar smart bench, Bluebikes station, and planters.

This is a veiw of the Maverick Square GoHub!. It includes detail on where each component is located.

East Boston GoHub! Pilot Program

East Boston Pilot
Contact: Transportation

In the summer of 2021, the City of Boston launched a pilot program in East Boston, installing GoHubs! in eight locations. 

EB Pilot GoHubs Map

GoHub! Pilot Locations Include:
  • Maverick Square
  • Central Square
  • Eagle Hill (Meridian and White Streets)
  • Day Square
  • Porzio Park
  • Airport T Station (Bremen & Brooks Streets)
  • Gove Street @ the Greenway
  • Maverick Street @ the Massport Path
GoHub! Locations were chosen based on:
  1. community input
  2. proximity to bus and subway stops
  3. gaps in transportation access, in particular bikeshare and car share, and
  4. equity considerations, including identifying environmental justice communities.

The pilot program will help the City understand how GoHubs! are usedwhat amenities are most useful, and what transportation choices are made. 

the pilot program added:
  • 3 Blubikes bikeshare stations
  • 33 Bluebikes bikeshare bike
  • 14 bicycle parking racks
  • 14 car share spaces
  • 4 smart benches with Wi-Fi and personal device charging
  • Improved pedestrian safety, greening, and placemaking

This is a detail of the Maverick Station GoHub! site.

This is a detail of the Central Square GoHub! site.

This is a detail of the Gove Street GoHub! site.

For more GoHub! site design details, download the GoHubs! Neighborhood Mobility Hub Guidebook. The Guidebook provides detail on the GoHub! pilot program, including five additional GoHub! locations.

Download the GoHubs! Guidebook

This is the cover page of the GoHubs! Guidebook.

Give us your Feedback

Contact: Transportation

The GoHub! Pilot Program will be evaluated throughout 2022. Please provide feedback by completing this first phase survey:

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