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Egleston Square Redesign

We are planning safety improvements for all road users traveling through the Egleston Square area.

In 2019, the Transportation Department developed the Jamaica Plain and Roxbury Transportation Action Plan. This plan advances recommendations featured in the Boston Planning and Development Agency’s PLAN: JP/Rox, and Go Boston 2030.

From the Transportation Action Plan, we identified several community interests as high priorities for residents. Those interests include:

  • Columbus Avenue transit improvements
  • Washington Street traffic calming
  • Safe bicycle connections to important destinations, and
  • Egleston Square safety improvements, among others.
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About the project

Project information

People traveling to and through the Egleston Square area today experience:

  • unsafe motor vehicle speeds
  • peak transit delays on four MBTA bus lines, and
  • underutilized public spaces.

The City’s Vision Zero program has identified Washington Street as a high crash corridor for pedestrians. The broader Egleston Square Street network also lacks comfortable bicycle connections to the Southwest Corridor. Through the Redesign of Egleston Squarewe will design projects that put the most vulnerable road users first. We want to ensure safety and an enhanced experience for all. 

We are working closely with the MBTA on the Columbus Avenue Bus Lanes. We're also working with community partners in Jamaica Plain and Roxbury.


The redesign of Egleston Square will focus on five key areas of improvement:

  1. Prioritizing walking, pedestrian safety, and accessibility
  2. Bicycle safety and comfort
  3. Prioritizing transit
  4. Managing traffic flow
  5. Public realm improvements

These goals will further many of the City’s targets laid out in:

Specific improvements will include:

  • pedestrian crossing enhancements
  • ADA compliance
  • dedicated bicycle lanes and traffic calming
  • enhanced wayfinding
  • advanced signal timing, and
  • bus priority treatments.
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