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Last updated: 7/6/16

Guidelines for tour buses in Boston

Driving around Boston can be tricky. We have maps and information to help tour bus drivers find their way.

We marked off places around the City where you can drop off and pick up passengers, or park long term. The map shows tourist attractions and hotels in Boston, and includes helpful tips for drivers. Check out the tour bus map.

We also have a pdf of the off-ramps from the highway in Boston that includes what street you end up on in the City.

Still have questions? Contact:
1 City Hall Square
Room 721
Boston, MA 02201-2026
United States

Tour bus regulations

There are many signs that show restrictions on parking around the City. You can print out this chart of common parking signs, or read more about them below:

Exclusive tour bus stop (drop off and pick up)

Exclusive tour bus stop (drop off and pick up)
At these spots, you have 15 minutes to load and unload passengers. You can’t let your engine idle for more than five minutes.



Exclusive tour bus stop (parking)

Exclusive tour bus stop (parking)
When you see this sign, you can park for up to three hours in the spot, but you can’t let your engine idle for more than five minutes.



MBTA public transit bus stop

MBTA public transit bus stop
You can’t park a tour bus at an MBTA bus stop.


Five-minute idling limit parking

Five-minute idling limit parking
If you see one of these signs, it means you can’t idle your tour bus there for more than five minutes.



Metered parking spots

Metered parking spots
Tour buses can’t park at metered spots in the City. If you see a parking meter, don’t park there.



Except commercial vehicles parking

Except commercial vehicles parking
You can’t stop, load, or unload passengers at one of these “commercial” zones. These spots are only for businesses dropping off or picking up goods.

Tour bus resources

If you have more questions, or run into any trouble on the road, these resources can help:



Police, Fire, Ambulance (for emergencies)


BOS:311 (for non-emergency City services)


Transportation Department


Arts and Culture


Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau


Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism


Hynes Convention Center


Boston Convention and Exhibition Center


Seaport World Trade Center


Bayside Exposition Center


National Park Service


Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (Public transit)


Smartraveler traffic map


Massachusetts Department of Transportation


Boston Autoport


Greyhound Garage


American Bus Association


United Motorcoach Association