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SuccessLink Jobs FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about SuccessLink jobs with the City of Boston and non-profits.

SuccessLink funds most of the youth jobs at nonprofits across the city. It administers the hiring and payroll for all youth jobs in City of Boston departments. Successlink is run by the City of Boston’s Office of Youth Employment and Opportunity (YEO)

Beginning Work

Does SuccessLink determine my work schedule?

No, your work schedule will be decided between you and your employment site supervisor.

What is the maximum amount of hours I can work as a youth?

You can work up to 15 hours per week during the school year and up to 25 hours a week during the summer.

How do I know when to start working?

You will receive an email or call from your site supervisor and a link to your timesheet when you are cleared to work. If you do not hear from them, reach out to your employment site's primary and secondary point of contact. 

youth Teens

Frequently Asked Questions


Please contact YEO by phone, email, or coming to the office if you need to be onboarded to a SuccessLink job and are homeless or displaced. 

Yes! If you have received or accepted an offer but are unable to work at that work site, you must contact the employer to let them know you won't be able to work for them anymore. Then you may reach out to other employers to inquire about available positions. 

You can only use a previous work permit if your employer is the same and it has been less than a year. 

For SuccessLink City of Boston jobs: if you moved from one site to another and it has been less than a year you can use the same work permit.

The residency documents do not have to be in your name! They can be under your parent/guardian's name as long as the address matches the home address on the school proof.

Make sure that you correctly sign in and out of your timesheets at your worksite every day.

You can come into the YEO office to have your ID made.

All SuccessLink Youth jobs (14-18) are paid $15 an hour. All SuccessLink leader jobs (19-24) are paid $20 an hour.

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