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Complete the City Job Hiring Process

Frequently Asked Questions about youth employees navigating the City hiring system (iCIMS).

Applying for a work permit and onboarding to your City of Boston job can be handled in a single visit to the Youth Employment and Opportunity (YEO) office if you bring all of your required documents.

 Please see this document checklist to prepare for your City of Boston onboarding visit.

 All City of Boston jobs have "Successlink - City" in the program field on futureBOS

Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for up to 15 City of Boston summer jobs. We recommend you apply to at least 3 jobs with the city or other organizations to have a higher chance of getting hired.

We will be unable to hire you without the proper Boston residency documents. If you do reside in Boston and are struggling to find the right documents, we can help guide you. Please contact our office by email, phone, or in-person visit.

After your boss has told us that they want to hire you, SuccessLink will send you an email with steps on how to complete the onboarding process. 

You will need to complete onboarding before you can start work, so you should get started ASAP. Once you have all the documents in the checklist you can visit the Youth Employment Opportunity Office to complete the onboarding in one visit!

We highly recommend that you upload your documents as PDFs, as they are easier to open, view and edit. However, we do accept .jpeg files as well.

The easiest way to scan a document is to use the Dropbox app on a smartphone. You have to download the app and create an account, but once you do you can upload multiple documents into a single PDF file directly from the "+" button in the app!

If you have an iPhone, you can also scan documents using the Notes app, using the camera button but it doesn't create a simple PDF.

You can upload the documents to iCIMS (the City's hiring system) directly from your phone or you can airdrop of email them to yourself then upload them from a computer.

The best method is to combine all of your documents into a single PDF.

The easiest way to get a single PDF of your documents is to use the dropbox app. However, if you already have pictures you can combine them into a single PDF using SmallPDF (a free online tool) Start by converting your images to PDFs, then merge the documents into a single PDF.

If you don't have access to a phone, computer, scanner, or secure internet, then you can come into our office during office hours to complete your tasks and upload your documents.

Log back into your iCIMS (the City's hiring system,) account and upload the correct documents, then respond to the email you received and confirm that you have completed this step. If you have any questions about the document checklist, feel free to reach out to the person who contacted you.

No. You are required to upload ALL required documents to your SuccessLink profile in iCIMS (the City's hiring system,) in order to complete the hiring process. 

Yes, I-9 document verification must be completed in person. But guess, what? If you bring all the documents from our document checklist you can complete the entire hiring process all at once.

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