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Get involved with the Mayor's Summer Jobs program

We're looking for employers who are interested in joining our summer jobs initiative.

As part of the Mayor’s Summer Jobs program, the City of Boston is engaging with the private sector to increase meaningful jobs for Boston youth.

The City partners with the Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) to engage employers. We also recruit new companies to hire Boston Public School students for the seven-week summer internship. Boston employers, large and small, provide Boston teens lifelong work skills.

Learn more about why it's a good idea to hire a Boston Public Schools student. We also created a guide for interested employers.

Sign up your company

Program timeline

  • Boston Public Schools students spend a day “shadowing” an adult at your workplace to learn about careers in your industry.
  • Meet with a career specialist at your organization to learn about the program and how it can work at your business.
  • Career specialists make school visits to preview the types of jobs available during the summer.
  • Volunteers put students through “mock” interviews during April vacation to hone their interviewing skills.
  • Departments at your organization get involved with recruitment.
  • Career specialists visit your organization to answer questions. They also help supervisors find projects for youth workers.
  • Advertise about the program through internal communications.
  • Touch base with departments that have hosted students.
  • Recruitment continues at your organization and we finish developing job descriptions.
  • Students interviewed for positions.
  • We match students with employers.
  • Employers brief students on their new roles.
  • Boston Private Industry Council staff can provide a supervisor orientation if needed.
  • Employers mail acceptance letters to students.
  • Student orientation takes place. They begin working the first week of July.
  • Students also attend enrichment workshops.
  • Students wrap-up their projects and work.
  • We hold an end-of-the-program celebration.
  • Student workers are given feedback about their performance.
  • We hear from front line supervisors about what aspects of the program worked. You can also tell us what improvements could be made.

Donate to the program

Just $1,650 - $1,925 puts a teen to work in a community-based organization for the summer. You can make a tax-deductible donation with a check made payable to the City of Boston Summer Jobs Program.

Please mail the check to:

Hilani Morales
Boston City Hall, Room 806
1 City Hall Square
Boston, MA 02201

For students

If you're a young person living in Boston and looking for a job opportunity, connect with one or both of the programs listed below:

Register with Successlink

Are you living in Boston and between 15 - 18 years old? Find out about our Successlink summer jobs program.

After you register with Successlink, you're entered into our summer jobs lottery. Please keep in mind, registering with Successlink does not guarantee you a job.

Private industry council (PIC)

If you’re enrolled in a Boston Public School high school, you can also contact a Private Industry Council (PIC) career specialist at your school. Find your school’s career specialist.

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