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White Stadium

The City envisions revitalizing White Stadium as the centerpiece of BPS athletics and a hub for community.

White Stadium was constructed in 1945 in the Playstead area of Franklin Park. Since then, it has served as a home for many Boston athletes and community members. Unfortunately, today the stadium is in a state of disrepair and in need of revitalization. It does not meet current codes or accessibility requirements. It also lacks the spaces and amenities needed to be a citywide resource for BPS athletics.

The City and BPS envision revitalizing White Stadium as a centerpiece of BPS athletics. We are planning a significant investment in the stadium and athletic facilities.

In 2023, we launched an updated needs assessment of the facility. The assessment found that many spaces need to be improved and expanded. Improvements will include an expanded staff office, a modernized press box, improved locker rooms, and an 8-lane track.

We will also add new programs. These may include a strength and conditioning suite, a gymnasium, an indoor turf field, a community space, and a student resource space. The FY24 Capital Plan proposes $10.5 million to fund the design.

  • Community Engagement Sessions

    Our first Community Engagement session will focus on Transportation Planning.

    • In-person meeting at White Stadium: Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 6 - 8 p.m.
    • Virtual meeting: Wednesday, September 27, 2023, 6 - 8 p.m.

    Register Here

Project Status: Programming

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Potential Public-Private Partnership

The City is committed to making a significant investment to achieve this vision. We will need creative partnerships to make our most ambitious vision a reality.

In April, we issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to lease a portion of the stadium in a public-private partnership. A potential partner would contribute to renovation and maintenance costs, pay rent, and provide community benefits.

Proposals must meet the City's vision and goals:

  • Enhance and compliment BPS's athletic programs.
  • Contribute to the activation and usability of Franklin Park in line with the values and aspirations of the Franklin Park Action Plan.
  • Contribute to the economic development of Boston and the communities surrounding Franklin Park.
  • Respects the impacts that activation can have on those who live, work, and play around the Stadium.
  • Addresses transportation needs. The proposal should minimize the congestion on nearby residential streets and maximize use of public transportation.

RFP Document 

RFP Response

Q&A Document 

Designation Letter 

If you would like to share a comment or question, please submit it to Boston 311. If you would like updates on this project, sign up for the Roxbury Neighborhood Services newsletter or the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Services newsletter.

In June, the City received one proposal in response to the RFP. In July, we hosted a community engagement session to get community input on the proposal, and the proponent submitted responses to community questions. Per the evaluation committee’s recommendation, the City has designated Boston Unity Soccer Partners LLC (BUSP) as the Preferred Proposer for the lease of the White Stadium West Grandstand and Adjacent Areas.

What does this Designation mean?

A designation is the first step that allows the City to enter into lease negotiations with the selected partner. It is the beginning of a design and programming process, not the end. The City will continue to host community sessions on critical items so the lease incorporates community needs and priorities.

The goal for this public-private partnership is to reimagine White Stadium as a hub for Boston Public School athletics and a treasure of the local community. The partnership will also bring a professional women’s soccer team to Boston. The lease area represents 14% of the total space that will remain BPS owned. We are committed to centering opportunities for BPS students and the surrounding community through this partnership.

Our first community engagement session in the early fall will focus on Transportation Planning. Check the events section for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How will transportation be managed if the soccer team comes to White Stadium?

We know that transportation is already a challenge for current users of White Stadium. Now that the City has designated Boston Unity as the preferred proposer, the City and the team will work collaboratively to develop a transportation plan that will minimize congestion during Boston Unity game days and other stadium uses. The plan will also consider and respect the needs of neighbors, including residents, the Zoo, and the golf course. We will also develop a plan to address resident parking in the area. BUSC’s initial transportation plans can be found in their proposal.

2. Will the Playstead area be used for parking?


How do we guarantee the integrity of the playing fields, especially if it will be the location for multiple sports and events?

In the proposal that the City has received, Boston Unity commits to maintaining a grass field to a professional standard.

1. How many responses did the City receive to the Request for Proposals (RFP)?

The City received one response to the RFP from Boston Unity Soccer Partners (BUSP)}.

2. Has the City already reached an agreement with Boston Unity? What is the status of the evaluation?

Per the evaluation committee’s recommendation, the City has designated Boston Unity Soccer Partners LLC (BUSP) as the Preferred Proposer for the lease of the White Stadium West Grandstand and Adjacent Areas.

A designation is the first step which allows the City to enter into negotiations with the selected partner. It is the beginning of a design and programming process, not the end. The City will continue to host community sessions on critical items like transportation and BPS athletics and community uses, etc. so that the future lease will incorporate the community’s needs and priorities

3. Why not just fix the stadium as is? Why expand?

The existing stadium was state of the art when it was built in 1945, but it lacks the amenities needed to be a Citywide resource for BPS Athletics, especially after a fire destroyed the East Grandstand. Our students deserve a state-of-the-art facility for today’s needs. We envision expanding the field to meet Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) standards and accommodate an eight-lane track as well as rebuilding the East Grandstand to provide high-quality indoor athletic and training facilities, locker rooms, and community and office space needed by students and athletic staff.

4. What resources is the City committing to this project? What is possible without a private partnership?

The City has budgeted $10.5 million towards a programming study and design. It’s too early in the project to estimate what the total construction budget will be for the new East Grandstand. Due to the significant deterioration of the property, renovating the stadium to the standards our students deserve will require significant resources. Support from a private partner can help the City and BPS fund a more ambitious project for BPS students.

5. Has the City considered other locations?

A renovation of a space that serves a wide range of community purposes would help White Stadium serve its original purpose of being a hub for BPS athletics and a community gem.

6. Who will be able to access the stadium if the City selects Boston Unity as a partner? How will scheduling work? Will current users, including non-BPS users, still have access?

BPS and community uses will be prioritized. Scheduling will be worked out with input from stakeholders who use the stadium.

1. Do any BPS schools currently have the sport of soccer?

Yes, multiple BPS schools currently have boys and girls soccer teams. Many of them already practice and play games at White Stadium.

2. What area of the grounds is being considered for a lease?

See this image of the leased area.

3. What is the capital investment from Boston Unity? Is it more than 50% the total investment for renovation/expansion?

Boston Unity is proposing to cover the capital costs needed to renovate the West Grandstand to support their needs as a professional soccer team and to pay annual rent to the City. Boston Unity estimates that their construction costs will be at least $30 million. The total construction costs for the City’s proposed project for the East Grandstand have not been finalized, so we cannot say what Boston Unity’s percentage of the total White Stadium renovations will be.

1. How will you manage large events and minimize neighborhood disruptions?

The City will collaborate with local residents to prioritize community uses and minimize disruption. The proposal envisions professional soccer games 20 days out of the year. The rest of the year would focus on BPS and community uses. The stadium is currently used for cherished community events like festivals, graduations, and game days. The renovations would revamp the stadium to be a state of the art facility for these current and future uses.

2. Will the public be able to use the track? Will access to tennis and basketball courts change?

We do not yet know what the final designs and programming for the stadium will look like, but the City is committed to providing public access to White Stadium facilities.

White Stadium Renovation Materials

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