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Renew Boston Trust

The City of Boston is leading by example with energy efficiency and resiliency in the City of Boston’s buildings.

"We have a unique opportunity to update our municipal buildings and exterior lighting in a way that preserves Boston’s character and aligns with our broader environmental goals. I am excited to work on ensuring our city is saving energy and the associated costs while bringing us closer to our net zero goals." — Mayor Michelle Wu


Renew Boston Trust (RBT) began in 2017. It is a City program that conducts energy audits and invests conservation upgrades for municipal buildings. In 2022, Renew Boston Trust extended its scope to include an energy audit of all exterior City-owned lighting. This program is an important tool for the City as it leads by example in reaching carbon neutrality and becoming a Green New Deal city.

Renew Boston Trust was developed in phases. Each phase includes a unique set of municipal buildings. At the end of RBT's Phase 3 and the exterior lighting scope, all City departments that own and operate buildings will have received energy efficiency upgrades.

The initiative is overseen by departments in three of the City’s cabinets:

  1. the Environment Department
  2. the Public Facilities Department, which handles major construction projects for the City, and
  3. the Budget Office, which handles the City’s budget and spending.

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Check out RBT's project locations and energy-saving measures

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Renew Boston Trust benefits

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Green jobs

The City has improved and expanded its contracting with Women and Minority Business Enterprises (WMBE) in Boston.

Cost savings

In 20 years, energy conservation measures in the project will help the City save money for other future investments.

Reduce emissions

The City reduces its use of fossil fuels and its greenhouse gas emissions and shifts to cleaner energy.

Quarterly Updates

November 2022

Equipment installed in Phase 1 continues to exceed expectations. Between July 2021 and June 2022, Phase 1 equipment saved $681,185 which was 8.5% greater than anticipated savings.

Phase 2 installations will continue through early 2024. The majority of Phase 2 is complete and the City is already saving energy and dollars.

Phase 3 lighting, water, and building envelope upgrades at schools will be complete in early 2023. City Hall will begin a major lighting upgrade in December 2022 that will last 18 months. Heating, cooling, and ventilation upgrades at schools in Phase 3 will begin in the middle of 2023.

The exterior lighting audit team is recording information about 800+ exterior lights in Boston every day. The audit should conclude in January 2023.

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