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Last updated: 5/24/18

Charlestown Community Impact Fund

The fund supports Charlestown’s nonprofits, local programs, and other related projects.

The fund was created as a condition of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s approval for Wynn Resorts to run a casino in Everett. Wynn made a $1 million payment to the fund in 2016. Emme Handy, the chief financial officer and collector-treasurer of the City of Boston, administers the fund.

After the casino opens, Wynn will make a $2 million payment to the fund each year. At that point, we will expand the fund to help address the effects of the casino’s opening. This will include the impact on:

  • water transportation in Boston Harbor
  • pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic, and
  • Sullivan Square in Charlestown.
mini-grants from the fund

We aim to use the first $1 million in the fund to support a mix of Charlestown nonprofits. We will award one-time grants in the range of $5,000 to $10,000. Depending on how many applications we receive — and how many grants we award — we may offer awards that are less than the amount requested in a grant application.

A managing committee — made of up Collector-Treasurer Emme Handy and six other officials — will review applications and approve awards. Learn more about our process.

Have questions? Contact us:


We award grants twice each year in the spring and fall. When the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, we accept applications until the next business day.

  • For spring applications, the deadline is April 15. We'll award grants on May 31.
  • For fall applications, the deadline is September 1. We'll award grants on October 15. 
Can't apply online?

Print out and complete our application and mail it to:

Office of Administration and Finance
1 City Hall Square, Room 608
Boston, MA 02201-2004

You can also call us at 617-635-4479 and we will send you an application through the mail.

Mini-grant requirements

Want to apply for a mini-grant?

To qualify for a mini-grant, your nonprofit or group must be from Charlestown. You need to be a 501(c)(3), or have the ability to accept and expend grant funds (Learn more about these requirements). Your project also must address a need in the Charlestown community.

We will work with a number of nonprofits and groups, including those focused on Charlestown’s:

  • parks and public spaces
  • after-school activities
  • senior programs
  • job training programs, and
  • cultural activities and events.
Application and Proposal Process

Please put together your grant proposal in this order:

  1. Grant Application Cover Sheet (please fill out attached form)
  2. Proposal title
  3. Project goal and summary (limited to one page)
  4. Detailed project narrative (limited to three pages)
  5. Timeline of your action plan (limited to one page)
  6. Your budget for the project (please fill out attached form)
  7. Mission and brief history of your organization (limited to one page)
  8. Your current leadership (officers, directors, board members, and key staff)
  9. Your group’s current overall operating budget

Apply for a mini-grant online

Grant reporting form

After you complete your project — or at the request of the City — you will need to also complete a grant reporting form. This form helps us track your progress or review your plans and decisions at the end of a project.

Grant agreement form

Before you can receive funds, you’ll need to sign the City of Boston’s grant agreement form.

Confused about the application?

We have staff on hand to help walk you through the process. You can call us or email our team, and we will offer guidance and tips to help you complete your application.

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