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Peer Leadership Institute

The Peer Leadership Institute (PLI) promotes healthy lifestyles for Boston's inner-city youth. PLI is a peer to peer experience. It focuses on health education. It also empowers youth to take ownership of their personal health and engage in their communities.​​

About Us

Our Mission

To improve the health and well being of inner city youth by providing access to information and services they need to protect their health.

Our vision is to lower STI rates in the city with a program model and curriculum. This curriculum gives youth the resources and tools to live a healthy lifestyle.


Summer Enrichment Programs

Join our Team for the Summer!

The Summer Enrichment Program runs from July to August. In this program, students will​ engage in a 6 week intensive training around sexual health, substance use prevention, and leadership. They will take part in engaging classes like sexual health, leadership 101, substance use, swimming, and life skills. The summer enrichment program prepares participants for the Academic Year Program.

Peer to Peer Health Education Academic Year Program

​Are you Interested in Health? Do you enjoy working with other teens? Do you want to improve your leadership and facilitation skills? Our Academic Year Program is the program for you.

Join us in building educational workshops with your peers. The academic program runs from October to May. During the fall students review the material and curricula that they will teach. During the spring they will go out in the community to deliver workshops.

Winter Training Institute

Are you interested in earning some extra cash during February Vacation?

During February vacation PLI selects 20, 8th and 9th grade students for our Winter Training Institute. Students will learn about the Peer Leadership program and its principles. They take part in several workshops that model PLI curriculum. Curriculum includes topics like sexual health, substance use, and leadership skills.


Name & Title Email Address
Danielle Smith, Program Director
Linda Phifer, Program Coordinator II
Cleston Flemming, Program Coordinator II
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