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City of Boston Buying Plan

The Buying Plan is an annual forecast of what the City of Boston plans to purchase.

The Buying Plan provides a look into upcoming procurement and contracting opportunities. This is based on a list of what City Departments plan to buy in a given fiscal year. The list will be updated on a recurring basis. The Buying Plan will reflect the City's most up-to-date plans for purchasing


We're changing the way we do the Buying Plan! Check back in 2024 for updates!

About the plan

What'S IN THE Buying Plan?

Currently, the Buying Plan includes:

  • Procurement opportunities by City department
  • Work type categories for each procurement opportunity 
  • Anticipated fiscal quarter of the advertisement date
  • Estimated dollar amounts of contracts
  • Brief description of each procurement 

The Buying Plan is meant primarily for businesses and vendors. We want to help inform them about upcoming contracting opportunities.

The Buying Plan is also part of Mayor Wu's broader commitment to equitable procurement and supplier diversity. Our goal is to allow for more transparency into the City's procurement process. We want small, minority-owned, and women-owned business to be able to find and compete for more City contracts. 

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